A Night In The Torture Garden

| May 17, 2016

All Images: hungertv.com

Words by Jo McTavish

WHEN you enter the unknown there is always a sense of caution but when it comes to Hunger beauty editor-at-large Andrew Gallimore and photographer Louie Banks this is not the case…

British make-up artist Andrew Gallimore  is no stranger to the beauty world, in 2015 he was assigned the UK make-up artist ambassador for NARS. While speaking with Twetnty6 Magazine “Gallimore’ stated; “I want to push the boundaries. I never want somebody beautiful to look anything less than that when I do their make up, but I want to be able to play with the whole idea of beauty.”

Louis Banks who is a part-time drag queen and fashion photographer, and Andrew Gallimore drew inspiration from from legendary fetish club Torture Garden’s 25th anniversary,

Together they have recreated some of the looks you may encounter if you ever decided to delve into this world, which is known for being one of the wildest night in London.

Each shot is as a wild as you could imagine and deserves your attention from this visionary artists.

You can discover more at Hunger.

Creative Director: Vicky Lawton
Photography: Louie Banks
Make-up Andrew Gallimore at CLM Hair and Make Up for Nars

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