Adam Pizurny’s GIFs Reveal Our Identity Is Only A Mask

| May 17, 2016

All images © Adam Pizurny

Words by Jo McTavish

THESE haunting GIFs of the human face, take you into an unusual space as something so familiar becomes out of this world and eerie…

Adam Pizurny is a digital artist who lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. Since he was a kid he wanted to be an inventor until he discovered graffiti which opened the diverse world of type, colour and shapes that took “Pizurny’ into a different stream of following his dreams.

Combining everything he loved digitally, he now works with the 3D rendering software ‘Blender’ allowing him to create obscure, forward thinking and progressive pieces of work that often turn out to be more surreal than anything else.

Whilst speaking about his creative process Pizurny says; “I just play with object in 3D, giving it characteristics which it doesn’t have in reality, wondering that happens, until it looks interesting. It’s kind of a relaxation for me.”

“Pizurny’ has also collaborated with other digital artists such as George Rehawk and Jordan Bortner, and is also an avid follower of David Lynch films.

He is truly a unique artist among many, and when he described this project by posing a question about the face’s role in its ability to carry identity “Pizurny’ says: “And if our identity was only a mask?”

You can discover more from Adam Pizurny on his website, Behance and Facebook.

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