Kyuin Shim’s Disfigured Emotions

| May 23, 2016
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All Image: Kyuin Shim

Words by Jo McTavish

THE beautiful work of Kyuin Shim takes your mind to another place, as you stare at these disfigured and out of this world sculptures…

Based in Seoul, Korea this digital artist explores the various meanings of Korean expressions throughout his work. The first series featured titled ‘흑흑’, meaning ‘cry cry’ and ‘black black’ feature gruesome depictions of black mannequins, with a glossy and blistering finish. Each exaggerating real emotions, referring to the individual struggle of humanity.

The second series titled ‘Small Place’ is a variation of ‘흑흑’ showcasing white bowl mannequin’s, exploring the a more positive light yet acknowledging the dysfunction within everyday relationships.

Between both, it is easy to interpret their purpose but the beauty beyond the meaning is the brilliance in the form, and the importance of how one can express their own interpretation of feelings within the freedom of art.

“Shim’ is yet another artist who utilises today’s technology, practising art through digital design whilst incorporating illustration.

You can discover more from Kyuin Shim on his website and Behance.

Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_02 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_03 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_04 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_04 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_04 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_05 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_06 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_07 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_08 Kyuin-Shim_art_Moustache Magazine_09

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