Suehiro Maruo’s Surreal & Graphic Magna

| May 13, 2016

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Words by Jo McTavish


SUEHIRO MARUO is Japanese manga artist who is known to depict graphic sex and violence through his illustrations, and while his work is not often published outside of Japan he remains to have a large abroad cult following…

At the age of 15 he moved to Tokyo and began working for a bookbinder and by the age of 17 he made his first magna submission to  Weekly Shōnen Jump but it was considered to be too graphic for the magazine’s format and was then rejected. It was not until the eighties when “Maruo’ made his official debut as a magna artist in Ribon no Kishi (リボンの騎士), where he was able to fully express his artistic vision.

His style is often referred to as contemporary muzan-e (a subset of Japanese ukiyo-e depicting violence or other atrocities.) The graphic scenes within his work attract the viewer, with weird, surreal and complexity told through his rich stories that have explored both the Japanese and Western cultures.

Some of his fascinations comes from human oddities, deformities, birth defects and circus freaks, but all together while looking at his work you can appreciate the purpose and artistic style that make this magna artist a unique viewing

You can discover more from Suehiro Maruo here.

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