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| May 1, 2016


Words by Ryan Grice

THE artist formerly known as on The Simpsons, Game of Thrones is better than porn, manipulating baby’s (spines), the world’s most powerful nations (mis) use the internet, and Southside with you

The TV show that teaches kids more than school ever will, The Simpsons, apparently scripted a Prince episode way back in the mid-90s. Former series writer Al Jean posted a number of screenshots on his Twitter of excerpts from the unused script. “The Prince Episode” ultimately never went ahead due to creative differences, but the star did feature in a later Treehouse of Horror episode. The former possibly has something to do with the fact that Prince’s love interest in the episode is Selma.


PornHub seem to love dropping in on pop-culture with helpful viewing statistics, and the highly anticipated season première of Game of Thrones has been the latest target. The graph above, happily provided by PornHub, shows a significant 4% drop off of traffic around the time that the new episode aired on April 24. The before and after is potentially more curious than the drop itself; post-workout warm down? Whether or not the same drop happens every week during Law and Order SVU, is currently unknown.


Unless you’ve got a long-term benefit plan with Jesus, most people rely on doctors and hospitals when they get sick, but if all else fails one can always visit one of the many contemporary witch doctors available, like chiropractors. A YouTube video showing a Melbourne chiropractor performing a spinal crack on a four-day-old premature infant has caused an outrage and even the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to call upon its members to cancel all future referrals to chiropractors.

“While I am uncomfortable with the procedure that was performed, it still is a safe procedure. It is not the choice of technique that most chiropractors would use for those sorts of problems, but it is very effective and despite the fact that it doesn’t look good, it is still very safe,” said president of the Victorian branch of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Dr Anthony Coxon.

While the above may be disturbing, and is perhaps not the best example,colic is relatively untreatable and if you think medicine and science got to where they are today without cracking a few baby spines, you’re dead wrong. Think about that this winter when you enjoy not getting sick because you’ve had your flu shot.


A real-life game of thrones broke out this week when the Obamas posted a mock-challenge video to the Royal Family featuring White House military staff for the upcoming Invictus Games. “Hey, Prince Harry. Remember when you told us to ‘bring it’ at the Invictus Games? Careful what you wish for,” the American pair said, followed by “Boom,” and a mic drop. The Windsors responded in kind with a video featuring an unimpressed special guest: “Boom. Really, please!” said the Queen, followed by Harry’s own mic drop.


Sometimes a great story just needs to be told. It’s inevitable, right? One of those moments, however short or long, that may seem insignificant at the time, but ultimately prove to shape the course of human history in ways we could never have fathomed. What better way to commemorate and eternalise the unification of two tyrants, sorry titans, than on Hollywood’s silver screen. We are of course talking about the new rom-com Southside With You that tells the brilliant and true tale of the first date of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson.

Southside With You is in cinemas August 26.

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