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| May 8, 2016

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Words by Ryan Grice

THE progress of humankind, it’s Doughnut Time, Big Brother Exists (And He’s Russian), 1800-SIMPSONS, and surprise sounds…

There are some discoveries throughout history, both great and terrible, that the discoverer should probably have kept to themselves, for example: Oppenheimer’s team and their isotope separating, or Britney Spears and her music. The most recent display comes in the form of The Smithsonian magazine posting an article citing the potential of global warming as a cause of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, giving high-salary white collar workers the excuse they need to get away with doing even less work than they already do. Questionably riffing off Japan’s “Cool Biz” movement last year, the article explains how experts say fatigue-inducing levels of carbon dioxide and excess mold could be en route to your office.


If you live in Oz and are slightly intimidated by the intense doughnut (r)evolution–exacerbated by the invasion of America’s Krispy Kremes and seemingly culminating in Brisbane’s Doughnut Time expanding to 19 locations in less than 18 months–you’re not alone. Krispy Kreme UK are planning to let customers hide their shame from others by purchasing a special edition Nutella donut, the “Nutty Chocolatta”, from a donut dispensing machine outside the store. The machine will be operating from May 9 to 21 with all proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer trust.


If you don’t have the time or attention span to watch the spectacular documentary Citizenfour about Edward Snowden, perhaps the knowledge that NTechLabs FindFace program can identify you in a crowd of one million in under a second might be enough to sufficiently terrify you. Faster than Google, and anything we know about in China, the facial recognition software has been demonstrated to US government officials at a conference this week for the first time. The creators have stated they are acutely aware of the privacy issues surrounding the technology, which they have made available for all users on VK, Russia’s version of Facebook. “If we had not done this, improved this program, someone else would have,” said co-creator of the one year old tech company, Alexander Kabakov.


As part of the upcoming “Live Episode” of The Simpsons, fans will apparently have a chance to call Homer Simpson. As part of the story of Homer playing an improv comic, at the end of the episode on May 15, those who still watch the show can dial a yet to be designated 1-888 number and find him on the other end of the line. Though this would most likely appeal to 20-something’s who wish they could have spoken to the Homer of ten years ago, the result will hopefully be relatively uncensored and entertaining.


For those of you who have been impatiently waiting for Paul Thomas Anderson to film more stuff, you can now feast your eyeballs (and earholes) on Radiohead’s new video for Daydreaming. In what is becoming a regular thang, the band have pulled a Beyonce/Kendrick/Kanye and released two singles with accompanying videos in the last 72 hours and an album release date of tomorrow, May 8, for the digital album, with physical copies to follow on June 17. See Reddit for a potential explanation of the clip’s meaning, and as always, for an explanation of the meaning of life.

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