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| May 15, 2016


Words by Ryan Grice

CHILDHOODS Ruined, Mack Daddy and Papa B, Oh Russia, Oh Chechnya, New Death in America?

If you’re not prepared to lose your innocence at 8am on a Monday morning, stop reading now. In what was expected to be a relaxed fashion interview at the National Portrait Gallery in London on Thursday, former-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham dropped a bombshell: “They used to turn [my mic] off and just let the others sing. Luckily because I used to wear heels, I just used to jig about a bit and I got away with it, but it never came easily.” What is perhaps even more tragic than this deception is the literal thousands of online comments across various news sources defending the celebrity and saying it isn’t true. #leavevictoriaalone


Image: Youtube

In his Weekly Address segment yesterday, President Obama featured a special guest and a special topic: Macklemore and opioid addiction. The hip hop star appeared a little anxious beside the President and probably wasn’t used to reading from a teleprompter. He looked great though. The two highlighted Macklemore’s former addictions and the statistical prevalence of opioid overdoses, now having a higher annual death toll that car accidents. While the they expressed that they had some poignant chats, it’s a pity we didn’t see Kendrick Lamar appear in the Address when he visited earlier in the year and talked about the National Mentorship Partnership and the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.


In what sounds like the blurb of a straight-to-DVD Michael Bay film, Russian media have reported a 200-man non-gang war taking place in a Moscow cemetery leaving three dead and over 25 hospitalised for various injuries. The brawl was apparently started over which immigrant group had the right to work in the 500 acre Khovanskoye cemetery; former-Soviet Central Asia or those from Russia’s North Caucasus. Riot police were brought in to halt the violence.


Ramzan Kadyrov is the President of the Chechen Republic, a former Chechen Rebel soldier, founder of the Akhmat Fight Club, Putin’s puppet in the south, and apparently a cat lover. The 39 year-old’s Instagram account has garnered a large amount of attention recently for its polarising imagery of brutal masculinity, and cat romance, making him a wonderful example of a contemporary political leader. The SBS have collected their favourites for your viewing pleasure.


Better late than never doesn’t quite cut it sometimes; the multi-billion dollar global conglomerate Pfizer announced this week that they have finally joined every other national and international big pharma chum in no longer providing drugs for lethal injection in the United States. Having been the country’s primary method of execution for the last forty years, deliberations have begun in the 31 pro states to decide what’s next. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe suggested last month a legal amendment that would effectively allow major pharmaceutical companies to still supply the necessary drugs, but have their names withheld so they would not receive public scrutiny. Problem solved, Terry, thanks.

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