| May 15, 2016

Words by Michelle Zhu

EVERY week we’re going to be listing ten videos you need to watch. Catch up on this week’s essential viewing and make sure you don’t miss out on these stunning and intriguing visuals.

Grimes – California (Official Video)

Some of Grimes’ songs are so bizarre you can’t really imagine the visual world that would accompany it. It’s just as technicolour as you could imagine it, featuring her twirling ribbons, dressed as a cowgirl and making ceramics. In true Grimes style, she shows her versatility by embodying several different characters and being consistently adorable. This version of California is also distinctly different from the album version and is refreshing and exciting in all its oddity.

Radiohead – Daydreaming

We’re still freaking out about Radiohead’s new surprise album. The video for ‘Daydreaming’ is beautiful, vulnerable and daunting, as we follow Thom Yorke down corridor after corridor, opening door after door, literally exploring life and death in the hallways of hospitals, houses and Laundromats. Make sure you follow him till the end.

Young Magic – Default Memory

Although this is only the audio video, it still incorporates beautiful modern graphics that are just as mesmorising as the NYC artist’s latest single. Young Magic has a knack for creating exactly what her name suggests, complete magic. Check out the shifting shapes and get on her wavelength.

Drake vs. Nardwuar

The sequel here, and it’s a glorious hour long. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and watch the first Nardwuar vs Drake interview immediately. In this interview you get to know Drake on a more intimate level, exploring what he likes and some deep family secrets (courtesy of Nardwuar the Human Serviette, of course).

Jazz Cartier – Red Alert / 100 Roses

We’re all about experiencing music videos in new ways, and if you enjoyed the Run the Jewels interactive video for ‘Crown’, you’re sure to enjoy Jazz Cartier’s latest. Switch up your perspective and explore this world designed to enhance these amazing songs.

Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Probably the cutest video you’ll watch today, unless you’ve been browsing the Cool Dog Group on Facebook. If you liked Kaytranada before you’re going to love him now, as you can watch him having a dance-off with a robot, followed by a sit down dinner.

Desiigner – Panda

This song became the number one song in the entire world, and it’s unlikely that we’ll shake it off any time soon. Instead of rejecting it, let’s all enjoy it and appreciate the fact that such an odd and viscerally energetic song has made its way into the mainstream and defies pop music norms. Thank you Kanye West for introducing Desiigner to the world, as well as being behind the video for one of 2016’s biggest songs yet.

James Blake – I Need a Forest Fire

James Blake is delving into maximalist music and has embarked on the collaboration it seems we’ve all been waiting for. This video lives in the silhouettes, and does exactly what Blake does with his music, allowing an empty or negative space to echo in itself.

Nao – Fool to Love

This video, like this song, is simple in its complex ways. The protagonist of the video seems to be going through an intense struggle against him – himself, moving quickly and restlessly as if possessed by a demon. The way he moves seems to be a metaphor for the turbulent ways love or heartbreak can torture you internally, except this time it’s external and for all of us to see.

Abra – Come 4 Me

Pay attention to ABRA because she has something to say. Watch her get low in a wide spectrum of neon lights, inching towards us to show us what she’s made of. I’m sure we’re going to get to know Abra in the upcoming months, and this seems to be a short and sweet introduction to who Abra really is.

Honne & Izzy Bizu – Someone that Loves You

Explore Tokyo in this video and follow a spontaneous and contemporary love story. This video perfectly captures a combination of cultures, whether it’s the traditional and the futuristic or from different parts of the world. The catchy duet has crafted the perfect video that articulates finding balance in romance.

A$AP Mob – Yamborghini High ft Juicy J

Explore the glitchy pastel world that A$AP Mob have created to inhabit. Abundant with lamborghinis, women in bath robes and A$AP Ferg in a full pastel pink bathrobe get up, enter the world of luxury and empire that the A$AP Mob have built for themselves. Watch this video as they celebrate the legacy and lifestyle that the late A$AP Yams lived. RIP.

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