| May 30, 2016

Words by Michelle Zhu

THIS week we have a special edition of our weekly visual mixes. Last week the visual world seemed to have taken a bit of a break, but it’s come back in full force with many a reward. And none of them disappoint. These are this week’s videos you need in your life…

Clams Casino – Witness ft. Lil B (Official Music Video)

Clammy Clams is back, featuring a very rare appearance from the Based God Lil B himself. Clams Casino always ensures chilling visuals to accompany his gorgeous productions, and it’s got us even more excited for his upcoming album 32 Levels.

Justin Timberlake – CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!

When Justin Timberlake’s new song came out I pictured it with the image of plenty of dancing, pastel colours and ample cheesiness. This video comes through with all of those factors in ways that reminds us of why we love Justin Timberlake so very much.

Dumbfoundead – SAFE

LA Rapper Dumbfounded has found a way to make some entertaining but important and conscious social commentary. With his latest music video, he makes a statement about whitewashing in Hollywood and its prominence, and highlights an issue in society that deserves to be ridiculed but also immediate change.

Lance Skiiwalker – Could it Be

The latest signee to TDE delivers with his first single, with the assistance of Kendrick Lamar no less. With this co-sign you already know Lance Skiiwalker is a name that shall be known in 2016.

Classixx ft. T-Pain Whatever I want

T-Pain is a game changer and is still doing so one step at a time. This video pays homage to The Smiths’ video ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This Before’ frame-by-frame, with T-Pain taking Morrissey’s place. Rock purists can keep their opinion to themselves, because we love seeing T-Pain riding a bicycle and looking melancholically into the distance.

The Avalanches – Since We Left You

Not so much a music video but that doesn’t matter when we finally have some sort of new material from The Avalanches. This mini documentary is an exploration of where The Avalanches have gone and provides almost no answers. It does however feature Ariel Pink and Danny Brown, who can confirm that the new record exists somewhere in the universe. Thank goodness.

VOX Documentary: Rap Deconstructed

This VOX documentary went viral the second it came out, and for very good reason. The 20-minute documentary is a study of rhyming schemes throughout rap history, examining the work of MF Doom, Rakim, Mos Def and many more. Not only is it educational but also it allows you to learn about the complexities of rap music, in its millions of messages delivered in its millions of ways.

A$AP Ferg – Yammy Gang

A$AP Ferg mourns the wonderful late A$AP Yams with his latest video for ‘Yammy Gang’. The beauty of the collective is how much they have stuck together through thick and thin, and the tribute is a glimpse into the A$AP Mob lifestyle, and more importantly, the brotherhood they’ve formed.

Radiohead – Glass Eyes (Live)

As Radiohead continue their glorious roll, the entire world can look forward to live renditions of their latest releases. This video is a beautiful and intimate live performance of the song ‘Glass Eyes’, which they are performing for the first time in London. You can’t hear a peep from the crowd and you can only guess it’s because they are just as breath taken as I was (if not so much more).

2Chainz ft. Lil Wayne – Gotta Lotta

This is a fun one. 2Chainz and Lil Wayne kill it with waves of smoke, beautiful women and an extremely catchy hook. Also, check out Lil Wayne’s cap, which parodies Donald Trump’s (terrifying) slogan. The dynamic duo is two powerful players and they harness that power in their latest release, with references to both of their previous works.

Bat for Lashes – Sunday Love

Bat for Lashes wearing blue eye shadow and a wedding dress is exactly what I’ve always needed. She sings about a complicated love, one that she is still battling with, and the video is a dramatic exploration of love and loss. And by dramatic I mean there are extra-terrestrial beings involved.

The Lonely Island – FRAMES

The Lonely Island are busy, preparing for their upcoming comedy film Pop Star and getting up to more shenanigans. If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens when The Lonely Island hangs out together, you’re about to find out. And it’s as weird and hilarious as you would expect.

Rihanna – Love on the Brain (live from 2016 Billboard Music Awards)

Badgalriri is still rising because of ANTI, and because she’s an all-round boss bitch who looks incredible in green. This live performance shows Riri at her finest, vocals raw and guttural as she explores the core of her emotions. You got to wonder though, who on earth would cause Rihanna’s heart to ache?

Sevdaliza – The Formula (Short Film)

Iranian artist Sevdaliza is talented in so many ways,  and her latest short film is only a testament to that. With its gorgeous imagery, deep symbolism and fantastic musical scoring, we get to experience every facet of Sevdaliza’s creativity in full effect.

Chance the Rapper ft. 2Chainz and Lil Wayne – No Problem

Chance the Rapper is MVP and always will be. He’s setting new records with his latest Mixtape Colouring Book, with this being the second single (after ‘Angels’) to come out. I won’t spoil the cameos that are featured in this video because you’re bound to know them. I think almost everybody in the rap game has received the message of this song loud and clear, they don’t want no problem with Chance. I mean, how could you?

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