Explore The Beauty Of The Body Without Prejudice…

| June 9, 2016
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All Images: Erika Arias

Words by Jo McTavish

THE work of Colombian photographer Erika Arias explore the way society defines beauty, through an unconventional form by showcasing her love for beauty…

Based in Barcelona, Erika Arias interprets “beauty” differently throughout her series of work going against the grain by embracing what society and mainstream media depict as the desirable representation of the human body.

In a statement on her website “Erika’ says;

Most of my projects are inspired and triggered by disagreeing with the absurd body image media desires to sell consumers on a daily basis. I feel that we tend to trust the constant barrage of unrealistically skinny bodies, free from imperfections, that consequently interfere with how we perceive ourselves and how we assess and develop our self-identity. It makes me happy to observe with other eyes and with an open mind.”

Her method includes using materials such as water, glass, plastic, paper and any other items to distort the images in a natural way. Projecting the body to be seen through a layer of something, which doesn’t allow us to see the exact body form. Through this, our imagination is left to explore the beauty of the body without prejudice.

You can discover more from Erika Arias on her website, Facebook and Instagram (@erikaariasphotographer)

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