Homage á Burroughs By Tibor Somodi

| June 29, 2016
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All Images: Tibor Somodi


EVERYDAY emerging talent can be discovered throughout the world, and as technology develops it opens many doors to discover talent, just like Timbor Somodi…

If you take a moment and just stare at his work, you start to experience a unique sensation and connection. Timbor Somodi is a Hungarian based photographer and painter, who has been studying and practising the art of photography since 2008. With an extensive archive on Tumblr “Somodi’ captures his thoughts, through various self-portraits and other abstract variations.

His latest short series that includes three images called Homage á Burroughs demonstrates his artistic method of traditional and modern processing techniques which elaborate his work.

This particular work was inspired by William S. Burrough, showcasing photo manipulations which express his feelings and imagination while reading the novel ‘Naked Lunch’.

Although still young within industry, “Somodi’ has already received an honourable mention at the Monochrome Photography awards in 2015 and is featured on SAATCHI ART.

You can discover more from Tibor Somodi on his website, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram (@tiborsmd)

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Photographs  (2010-2013)

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