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| June 30, 2016
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All Images: The Heymann Brothers

Words by Jo McTavish

Director: Tomer Heymann
Tommer Heymann
Ohad Naharin, Tzofia Naharin, Avi Belleli 
Ohad Naharin is one of the most prominent, innovative and productive choreographers in the world. The film follows Naharin between Japan, Holland, Sweden and Israel – through the …

TO say this year has been a poor year in film is something so absurd. It is not the films that are changing but the environment, dialogue and audience expectation. Although change is inevitable through technology and delivery, sometimes good old story telling never fails and director Tomyer Heymann completely understands…

He is one half of The Heymann Brothers Film Company, who is joined by his brother Barak Heymann and together they have been producing documentary films and series for more than a decade. This month “Tomyer’ presented their latest story Mr Gaga at the Australian debut and premiere of Palace Cinemas and artistic directors Richard Moore’s Hot Docs.

In what you could call one of the finest, beautiful and most important documentaries of the past decade Mr Gaga invites you into the unique world of Ohad Naharin. An internationally renowned Israeli choreographer whose works have redefined the language of dance. Over the past 25 years he has pushed the boundaries of physical and political expression as the as the artistic director of Batsheva.

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“Tomer’ who is collected many awards throughout his career, captures a portrait of a maverick still fighting for creative freedoms in his homeland. In his mid-60’s “Naharin’ is still fit and limber and is driven by the joy of his movement techniques – the language of gaga – to people of all ages and physical abilities.

The most beautiful part of this whole story is the minimal expectation required of any interest of this form, instead the journey captivates you into something more powerful then one’s desire by taking you on a movement for creative freedom. Something so relevant today, as the world struggles to handle equality, freedom of speech, bullying, racism and culture differences. The idea of togetherness is real throughout the film, and one that needs to be spread within our current global crisis of division.

Tomer and Barak Heymann are filmmakers who understand such a struggle, both live within a nation like others who still have a long way to come in a more progressive movement, particularly within the world of art. Their passion, love and visionary approach brings the life of Ohad Naharin and his work throughout time to life, giving permission for everyone in the audience to transcend into a world of movement like no other.

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Emotions run deep throughout, you will laugh, often shed a tear and more so be in a state of trance as you appreciate this one man’s work, his influence and forward thinking attitude that has changed the world within and outside dance.

Coming back to important, when I said that before I did not mean this was something that would change the world and solve our problems. I was simply saying that sometimes we forget the importance of storytelling and often get lost with sudden change loosing quality, and creating quantity. This is a tale that works on the human dimension , and as a social , creative and political narrative.

Its a tale that almost didn’t get told.  For years “Naharin’ refused The Heymann brothers access until finally surrendering his boxes of archives. The result is a tour de force and a feast for the senses.

In all honestly, this is a documentary that deserves your presence. One that you will always remember and another that will keep your energy alive – as nothing is impossible.

MM 8/10

Mr Gaga in select cinemas now

Dates and venues:

BRISBANE: Season commences 30 June 2016 New Farm Cinemas

MELBOURNE:  Exclusive Season 30 June 2016  Cinema Nova

HOBART:  30 June –4 July Hobart State Theatre

SYDNEY: 31 July Roseville Cinema

Watch the official trailer:

For more information visit the website here.

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