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| June 26, 2016


Words by Ryan Grice

AUSTRALIA in a capsule, Das auto ist gefickt, Brazilian birdwatch, Don’t eat cake, and Equality for US troops?

November will see the opening of Australia’s first capsule hotel in Sydney, and the good news is it won’t be outrageously expensive. The new hotel, housed above the soon-to-be-built Century Bar will feature 72 capsules with both single and deluxe options, LED entertainment system, Wi-Fi, lights, and most importantly, a secure sliding door. The capsules will range from$40-60 per night and will grant guests access to a communal kitchen, breakfast bar, lounge area, rooftop terrace, and shared bathrooms. The project is being taken on by Giant Design, who intend to work within the buildings existing style of interwar art deco.


The lawsuits of their 2015 emission scandal finally settled, German car manufacturer Volkswagen will be out of picket roughly US$10bn in the form of paying each of the near 500,000 owners just over $5000 each and purchasing back their affected cars at the original market value, which they will likely not be allowed to resell. Volkswagen will also be introducing a program to offset excess diesel pollution from the offending vehicles and help boost zero emissions. The aforementioned settlement does not include the environmental costs the company will likely have to pay, luckily they turn a profit of $14bn a year, and have over $400bn in assets.

Image: 20th Century Fox

The critically endangered Spix’s Macaw, made famous by the terrible children’s film Rio, was believed to be near extinct in the wild until a sighting this week in Brazil. The blue parrot was caught on video flying freely through trees in Bahia, though conservationists have said it was likely released by a poacher wanting to avoid arrest. The Spix’s endangered status is exacerbated by the fact that they often don’t reach sexual maturity until seven years of age, which is followed by elaborate courtship rituals, and if successful, an average of three eggs.

Image: Ralph Wiggum Cake

The BBC ran an article this week, encouraged by a senior dentist, condemning the prevalence of “cake culture” in the workplace, and its contribution to dental problems and the obesity epidemic that is permeating the nation. “Cake culture also poses difficulties for those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier – how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies, or the triple chocolate biscuits?” said professor Nigel Hunt. The suggested solution is to instead reward coworkers on their birthdays with fruit, nuts, or cheese. REWARD ME WITH CHEESE.



Reports are in that a promise made almost a year ago to lift the ban on allowing openly transgender troops into the US Army will be fulfilled in the coming weeks. Word is that Pentagon officials are sitting down this week to finalise the policy that apparently took 11 months to consider, and that all defence departments will have one year to implement the changes. Why it would take anywhere near that long is unknown, but Secretary of Defence, Ash Carter, will hopefully make a statement once it is official and explain all.

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