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| February 11, 2017



THE Feast of Saint Valentine otherwise known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the globe by many couples and daring singles ready to make an everlasting impact. It is a Hallmark celebration of unity and love, but for others it is just another day gone by.

Beginning in the 14th Century, and later evolving in 18th Century England it has now  become a day when two loved ones express their love for each other with flowers, chocolate and Valentine cards. Since its genesis, the traditional day of love has not seen a great change expect for its widespread around the world.

As we all prepare in our own way for this day of “LOVE”, wherever you may be here is a guide to some of the best places to visit whatever your relationship status might be. 

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Paris didn’t achieve its nickname ‘the city of love’ lightly – for years strangers from opposite ends of the world have come together in this beautiful city and started the rest of their lives. Whether you’re single and just trying to discover yourself – with a yearning for finding love along the way – or whether you’ve already found happily ever after and are on a journey to make those everlasting memories – Paris is the city to make those desires happen.

2017 Romans To Vikings ECCLVL Copenhagen Denmark trip


Venice has been donned one of the most romantic cities in the world, and for good reason. If it is gondola rides through beautiful canals you’re looking for, or leisurely strolls over cobble stone bridges and through narrow lanes – look no further than the fairy tale city that is Venice. Plan a romantic getaway with your significant other, or conquer the city of water solo – perhaps it will have a few romantic surprises of its own waiting for you – whichever your situation, it’ll be a trip you will never forget.

Tower Bridge over the Thames, London


London, a place where the sun seldom shows its face but love routinely rears its head. No matter your situation – single, escaping life’s craziness with the dream of falling in love abroad or in a happy relationship with the person of your dreams, London will offer the goods. Two of Topdecks own drivers, Eoin and Kendall met before the Topdeck training in London began in 2013 and quickly realised there was something special between them – the couple are now set to tie the knot in March in Thailand.

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New York City

If there is any city you can visit as a single pringle ready to mingle, it’s New York City – the city where dreams are made. Shop your life away in Times Square or take your pick of the world’s best Broadway shows – it has it all. Don’t fear however, if you are one of the lucky souls in the world who has found their better half, New York has plenty to offer both singles and couples. Stroll aimlessly through the wonder that is Central Park or adventure to the top of the Empire State, you’ll be sure to have your breath taken away.

Copenhagen Marina, Denmark


Copenhagen is full of love, so what better place to visit when you’re either on the search for just that or are totally feeling just that with someone else. Visit the fairy tale towers of Rosenborg Palace or Edvard Eriksen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. Yvonne and John fell in love on a Topdeck tour in Copenhagen in 1984, they have been together for 31 years and now have a son who works at Topdeck – perhaps Copenhagen will be the city where your love story begins too.

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