In Profile: Bel Downie

| March 29, 2019

Bel Dowine aka Swamie || All images: Supplied

Words by Jo McTavish

IT was an evening in New York City at the Destinations in Paradise event, a luxurious company for anyone who is looking for the ultimate getaway where I met Bel Downie. As everyone was enjoying their evening we had the opportunity to speak with this young creative and now it is your turn to discover all about her…

MM: WHO are you?

BD: I’m Bel Downie, aka Swami, Perth born designer and DJ currently navigating life in Los Angeles after six and a half years in NYC. Mentally, I’m constantly evolving and always trying to figure that.

WHAT the hell is your work about?

As a designer, my work is client based and I’m currently at Google, working on YouTube Music’s design for their social handles. I also freelance as a Creative and Art Director for artists, working on anything from single art to full scale album campaigns. Aesthetically, my heart lies in 90s rave culture, 70s psychedelic, the weird, the absurd, the playful and the funny. It’s pretty eclectic.

Musically, I draw on those same influences. I love dressing up! I use makeup and costumes to create characters and enhance my inner weirdo, I guess. My DJ sets are centered around creating a space that’s fun and energetic.

WHEN did you realize you were in tune with the right side of your brain?

From a very young age. It was often the Bel Downie show (haha). My mum was an aerobics instructor in the late 80s so I’m assuming my energy and confidence being the center of attention came from her!

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?


WHY do you create?

Because I’m terrible at math and science.

HOW does the magic happen – creative process of candid creativity?

Honestly, I procrastinate so much and have pretty poor time management skills. I think about things forever before doing them and a blank page is something, I find scary and somewhat crippling. Like, I put off answering these questions for several days. But eventually, fear kicks in and deadlines loom so I have no choice. I’ve always felt creating for me is so onerous though. It’s not an easy process by any means.

Plans for 2019?

Enjoying more time and space to work on personal creative projects.

So, we can stay in the loop, what’s your dot com(s)?




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