Are you ready?

Are you ready to be intellectually engaged,
to be creatively enthused,
to be just generally aroused?

You are?

Ok then, welcome to Moustache Magazine.

Welcome to the well-groomed publication that will stimulate all of your senses and satiate all of your right-brained tendencies.

But we are also so much more than the growth of hair on one’s upper lip.

We at Moustache represent the most original artists, designers, musicians, writers, photographers, and other utterly inspired individuals. We are the term, “platform”. Moustache Magazine equals platform. From our beginning in 2011, our primary purpose has, and will continue to be, to lend a form of ledge, balcony, board, or cliff off of which we can help propel the careers of emerging creatives. We aim to use this creative epicentre – our website – to share their brilliance with you because we know that you will be just as amazed as we are by them.

So flick through our pages physically and virtually, whatever medium you prefer, and get excited, get inspired, and get creating!

Until next time, keep on growing.


The Moustache Team

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