15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face in God of War 6

15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face In God of War 6

After nearly wiping out the entire Greek pantheon, Kratos (played by Christopher Judge) and his son Atreus (played by Sunny Suljic) desperately need new adversaries and new kingdoms to conquer in God of War 6. The perpetually angry protagonist has already engaged the Nordic realms in 2018's God of War revival, opening the doors to other new realms. I mean, why stop there when there are so many pantheons available that he can beat? God of War's Kratos could take on Egyptian gods, Iberian gods, and more.

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Mythology is a fascinating subject: the different cultures of the world have found fantastic explanations for natural phenomena, and Kratos will be there to kick their butts. Let's see which mythological entities Kratos could beat in the next installment of the God of War franchise (after Ragnarok).

15. Cariocecus – Iberian god of war

Not much is known about Cariocecus. The cult of this ancient deity originated in the Iberian tribe, a group of people who today inhabit what we know as Spain. What little we know about this god is that he eventually syncretized with Mars and Ares – two of the most well-known gods of war.

It is said that human sacrifices were offered to Cariocecus and that the priests of the Lusitanian tribes disemboweled the prisoners and used their entrails for divinatory purposes in the name of this god. A truly frightening figure that could easily be incorporated into the Kratos mythos.

14. Hadúr – Magyar god of war

Initially the god of fire, Hadúr eventually became the god of war for the early Hungarian tribes. Son of the Golden Father and the Mother of Dawn, this god played a central role in the pantheon of the Magyars. He was also associated with other Greek gods like Hephaestus, due to his status as the gods' blacksmith.

Kratos is no stranger to war, nor to warrior deities. Although Magyar culture is a bit obscure when it comes to popular mythological figures, Kratos has never been one to be choosy when it comes to choosing his opponents.

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13. Inanna – Mesopotamian Goddess of War (and Love)

Inanna – Mesopotamian Goddess of War

Inanna is a unique character in mythologies around the world, as she is not only the goddess of war, but she also represents love, war, justice and power. Looking back at how early God of War games featured infamous love scenes, Innana might just be the female version of Kratos closest to us.

She was also known as Ishtar, the name given to her by the Babylonians and Assyrians. Who knows, maybe Kratos won't have much reason to fight Inanna, and she could become a traveling companion – after a good old fight.

12. Irmin – Teutonic God of War

Irmin - Teutonic god of war

This may be one of the most confusing gods on our list. Irmin is considered the god of war by the Teutonics and the main god of the Saxon pantheon. However, things get complicated when it comes to his name.

“Irmin” would be the same divinity as Yggr, another name given to Odin. Knowing that a confrontation between Kratos and Odin is inevitable, perhaps we will soon see the Ghost of Sparta give Irmin a beating.

11. Ereshkigal – Sumerian God of Death

15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face in God of War 6

Also known as the Queen of the Night, Ereshkigal was the Sumerian goddess of the underworld and death. Depicted as a winged woman, Ereshkigal ruled over Kur, which was in some ways the Sumerian version of hell.

Kratos spent time in the Greek underworld and even beat Hades at his own game, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him take on another deity of death, regardless of mythology.

10. Crom Cruach – Celtic God of Death

Crom Cruach - Celtic god of death

A pagan Celtic god from pre-Christian Ireland, Chrome Cruach has always been associated with the dark side. Indeed, we find traces of human sacrifices made in his name, which also has macabre connotations in the language of Old Irish.

Kratos should take inspiration from Saint Patrick to face this deity, because the patron saint of Ireland is said to have defeated the followers of Crom Cruach.

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9. Baba Yaga – Creature from Slavic folklore

15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face in God of War 6

Okay, Baba Yaga may not really be a deity, but that's never stopped Kratos before. The Spartan has faced the Kraken, hydras, cyclops, valkyries, and other minor mythological figures, so he should have no problem facing Baba Yaga.

This creature has appeared in many video games in recent years, so much so that it's almost baffling that it hasn't appeared in the God of War series yet. A terrifying monster from Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is depicted as an old woman living in a hut who moves on chicken legs.

8. Lugh – Irish warrior god

Lugh – Irish warrior god

Known for his strength and dedication to law, order and power, Lugh is one of the most important gods in old Irish mythology. His son, Cú Chulainn, is also a revered hero of Irish mythology, and both would be worthy adversaries for the god of Sparta.

Lugh has been likened to Apollo, a Greek god who Kratos once dealt with. A fight between Kratos and Lugh would be a truly epic event and could be the conclusion of a new chapter in his life, where he would decimate the ancient Irish pantheon.

7. Tezcatlipoca – Aztec God of Discord and War

Tezcatlipoca - Aztec god of discord and war

Aztec mythology has been criminally neglected in video games. The Aztecs are renowned for their human sacrifices, and Tezcatlipoca is no exception.

A multifaceted deity, Tezcatlipoca was feared even by the Aztecs, as he generally represented discord, jaguars, and hurricanes. This is exactly the kind of guy Kratos would like to punch.

6. Camazotz – Mayan God of Death

Camazotz - Mayan god of death

A Mayan bat deity, Camazotz is linked to all things dark, including night, sacrifice and death. It is even mentioned in the Popol Vuh, one of the most popular creationist legends of the Mayan people.

Kratos would have a hard time facing Camazotz, especially since they live on completely different continents. Of course, geographic differences have never hindered Kratos' fury in the past.

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5. Morrigan – Celtic deity of war

Morrigan – Celtic deity of war

An enigmatic figure in Celtic mythology, the Morrigan is generally considered a deity linked to war and destiny, and can be a harbinger of both victory and disaster. Some historians believe that the Morrigan also played a role in Arthurian legends, and it's a setting that would suit Kratos perfectly.

Also known as the Ghost Queen, Morrigan would be a worthy opponent for the Ghost of Sparta.

4. Osiris – Egyptian God of Death

Osiris - Egyptian god of death

For a while, many fans believed that Kratos' next adventure after God of War III would take him to Egypt. It made sense from a geographical point of view, not to mention that the Egyptian pantheon is one of the most easily recognizable.

If we ever see Kratos fighting the Egyptian gods, one of the first to go would be Osiris, the regent god of the afterlife. However, before Kratos can reach him, he will also have to deal with Anubis, which would guarantee an epic double clash in the Egyptian underworld.

3. Baal – Canaanite god of rain, thunder and fertility.

15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face in God of War 6

Baal is one of the most recognizable faces in Canaanite mythology, although today he is not remembered as a god at all. Most followers of modern Judeo-Christian religions know Baal as “Beelzebub,” one of the most feared and powerful demons of all.

However, Baal was not always considered a demon. He was the counterpart of Zeus in the Levant region and was revered as a god of fertility and prosperity. That said, he's also tied to conflict and war, which would put him in Kratos' path.

Once again, Baal seems to be the ideal partner for Kratos in God of War 6.

2. Ra -Egyptian god of the sun

Ra - Egyptian god of the sun

One of the most important mythological figures of ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra, continues the idea of ​​Kratos confronting the Egyptian gods. Considered the ruler of all, the cult of Ra changed the way we understand ancient Egyptian mythology, particularly since he merged with the god Amun and became Amun-Ra.

As we've already seen, Kratos has no qualms about hitting gods who aren't explicitly violent. Ra, as the leader of the Egyptian pantheon, would easily become the target of Kratos' fury, who had better prepare for a challenge if Kratos ever set foot in Egypt.

Many fans have made their voices heard on the forums. They would like to see Kratos face an Egyptian god in God of War 6.

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1. Chernobog – Slavic god of bad luck

15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face in God of War 6

Generally, gods are associated with the positive aspects of nature. Even gods who are tied to things like famine and chaos usually have a more positive side, but that's not the case with Chernobog.

The god of bad luck from Slavic folklore was feared throughout ancient Germany, although some historians still dispute his existence. Seeing such a sinister figure in a duel with Kratos would undoubtedly be impressive, and given that the God of War is currently exploring colder climes, he might stumble upon Chernobog sooner than expected.

Chernobog is the perfect god for Kratos to face in God of War 6, or any of the upcoming sequels for that matter.

Who do you think Kratos should face in God of War 6?