5 recent games that disappeared after being announced

5 Recent Games That Disappeared After Being Announced

It's almost impossible to keep up with all the new games announced each year, and they're often overshadowed by the next big thing. With everything that has happened in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, many games announced around this time have either been delayed or canceled altogether. But what about games that have completely fallen off the radar? Where are they ?

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It's relatively common for studios to keep a low profile after the initial announcement of their game, as they work hard to create the best game possible. With the volume of updates to games in various stages of active development, it's easy for some updates to go unnoticed. In the case of these five games, they didn't just go unnoticed because there were no updates.

These projects were announced and seemed to completely disappear off the face of the Earth, making hopeful fans fear the worst, especially when the proposed release window passed without any updates, especially without no exit. That said, sometimes no news is good news, because it means the game hasn't been canceled…yet.

What are five games that seem to have disappeared since they were announced?

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1. Shot 8

Plan 8 was revealed at Pearl Abyss Connect in 2019, but no release date was announced for the game. However, it was shared that it would be a third-person MMO shooter and that Minh Le, co-creator of Counter-Strike, was a technical advisor on the project.

Plan 8's social media accounts went completely silent in January 2020, and we haven't seen or heard anything about the project since then. The game was mentioned in Pearl Abyss' Q3 2022 earnings report, in the Growth Strategy section. A Redditor also found a post from IGC2021 stating that development of the game was continuing. However, we haven't seen anything other than these reports.

The trailer took the world by storm with its explosive action. In this game, players can wear epic-looking exosuits and wreak havoc while battling enemy drones and robots.

Fortunately, the developers have not abandoned the project yet. However, fans are starting to think that they made the mistake of introducing the game too early in the development project. After all, an MMO is an ambitious project, which could explain the game's demise.

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2. Dustborn

Dustborn was announced at GamesRadar's Future Game Show in June 2020 and is developed by Red Thread Games and Ragnar Tørnquist. The game was supposed to release in 2021, but as you probably noticed, that didn't come to fruition. When the game was first announced, everyone was excited because of its beautiful art style and the engaging gameplay mechanics it introduced. For example, the game uses words as weapons, not guns. It's not a concept we've seen much, so it would be fascinating.

We learned that Quantic Dream took over publishing for the game, which allowed Red Thread Games to expand and better adapt it. We hope this is why the game is taking so long. Red Thread was also looking to hire more people to develop the game.

The game is set in 2030 in an alternate, post-infodemic version of America, which the characters call the Divided States of America. We play Pax, a member of a resistance team disguised as a group of travelers, who must transport an essential package across the country.

Other than that, there have been no updates since the initial announcement, and it appears the game has simply disappeared. Steam suddenly updated Dustborn's page to include a release date of April 1, 2024. Unfortunately, nothing other than Steam has been updated, so there's no way to confirm this.

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3. Pragmatic

Disappeared games

This game was unveiled in June 2020 and is developed by the Japanese giant Capcom. The planned release date was 2022, but it was pushed back to 2023 in November 2021. New artwork was shown when the delay was announced, but other than that, nothing. It's worth noting that this is the only film on this list to have an official delay announcement. However, there has been no news since this delay was announced.

From the first trailer, it seems that Capcom has big plans for this new sci-fi project, which was confirmed when Capcom said that it wanted to make this intellectual property one of its brands main. This is a gigantic statement, as its other ‘core brand', Resident Evil, is underway, with Resident Evil 4 Remake releasing literally tomorrow. If they want to make it another main brand, it makes sense that they take their time and want to get it right.

Capcom also initially mentioned that the game was being worked on by a branch of the studio that was made up entirely of new and young employees, so they could take their time to learn from their more experienced colleagues in order to produce the best game possible, and take more time. time than Capcom had initially planned, and perhaps the reason why the game fell off the radar.

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4. Unknown 9: The Awakening

Video game Unknown 9: Awakening

This game was initially announced during the opening night of Gamescom in August 2020, with a release planned for 2021. Since the initial announcement, there has been no further news about the project. However, we do know that the game is being developed by Reflector Entertainment, a relatively new publishing studio acquired by Bandai Namco in 2020, just before the announcement of their first game, Unknown 9: Awakening.

Unknown 9: Awakening is based on the popular transmedia created by Reflector Entertainment, which includes a novel, a comic book, a podcast and a collaborative puzzle. It is a third-person action adventure game set in Kolkata, India, and the main protagonist is a young child named Haroona, who has the power to manipulate the invisible and to access another dimension known as The Fold. The fascinating initial idea has a lot of potential, which might explain why there's a lot of work to be done to make the game epic.

Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the game. Bandai Namco made reference to it in its 2022 financial report. Some positions related to the project were announced on Instagram in November 2022, leading us to assume that the game is still available. news. All we have to do now is wait and see when.

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5. A quiet place

A quiet place

This is one of the newer games, announced in October 2021. During the announcement, Saber Interactive told us that more information would be given about the game later in the year, and that the game itself was planned for 2022. Obviously, that window has passed and we still don't have a game. The last time there was any information about the game was during the initial announcement, including on social media. It may be a coincidence, but the third film in the series was also delayed until 2024, which could explain the game's demise.

A Quiet Place is a story-driven game that makes the world created in the films interactive. For the first time, we become a character in this post-apocalyptic universe where vicious aliens who hunt by sound have invaded Earth. Of course, the fact that the world is sound-based could give the game some fascinating mechanics. Let's all hope that it will be much more than a simple hide-and-seek game with unbeatable enemies.

The game is developed by iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME. At the time, Hervé Sliwa, creative director of iLLOGIKA, said: “The A Quiet Place video game will allow fans to feel the tension of the films with a level of immersion never before achieved,” but that was before he leaves the company in April 2022.

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  • Many games have disappeared and remained silent since their announcement.
  • Some even missed their initial release window without any updates being made on the game's release.
  • Sometimes no news is good news because at least games haven't been confirmed to have been officially canceled.

Why do you think these games disappeared?