A lightsaber in the flesh (sort of)

The IMALENT MS18: It's Basically A Real-Life Lightsaber (Kind Of)

The most powerful flashlight in the world? Or maybe the biggest lightsaber? Here is the IMALENT MS18, the solution to load shedding.

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Operating in the dark is a situation many of us face sooner or later, especially during a power outage or if you live in South Africa. Fortunately, for those who are not lucky enough to have light at all times of the day, solutions have been developed in the form of inverters, generators and super-powerful lamps. One such light is the IMALENT MS18, the world's brightest flashlight, which has been awarded the title of Ambassador of Light…or Lightsaber.

Features of the world's most powerful flashlight

Thanks to eighteen CREE XHP70.2 LEDs (CREE's brightest Extreme-High-Power LEDs, one of which has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is already enough to be considered bright), the IMALENT MS18 can reach up to 100,000 lumens. This is equivalent to 100 bulbs (1000 lumens each). Who has never wanted a small portable sun?

The light projected by the monster of a torch can reach a distance of 1350 m, which is enough to illuminate a field like broad daylight. It is therefore the ideal tool for outdoor activities such as camping or barbecues during power cuts.

It's also waterproof with an IP56 rating, meaning it's protected against high-pressure water jets aimed at it from any direction. Its shock resistance is 1.5 m. So you don't have to worry about dropping it, although you do have to be careful of your toes.

The 32,000mAh battery is made up of eight 21700 li-ion cells, which can power the torch for over 14 hours. The torch has nine settings, including warm and cool light options and a blinding strobe mode, perfect for destroying your friends' eyes and deterring thieves. Additionally, users can choose brightness levels ranging from 700 lm to 100,000 lm.)

The torch's OLED display shows what brightness the MS18 is set to and what percentage of battery it has. It also has a carrying case and can be held with one hand, but it has an optional shoulder strap for extended use.

The high-power charger allows the mini-sun to be fully recharged in just a few hours, allowing you to get back to blinding people with your ridiculously powerful torch.

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What can the IMALENT MS18 be used for?

The IMALENT MS18 was designed as professional equipment for security, law enforcement, industrial inspection and search and rescue teams. It is perfect for monitoring a large area, sending distress signals over a considerable distance, disorienting suspects and illuminating a large area in a disaster area. It also serves as a fire starter in case of emergency.

It's also the ideal device for a nighttime braai if you can afford a powerful torch, currently selling for $700.

If you want to invest in a torch or have a weird project in mind for a ridiculously powerful device (like making the world's largest lightsaber), this is the torch for you.

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  • The IMALENT MS18 is the brightest torch in the world.
  • It can reach up to 100,000 lumens and is perfect for all terrains and weather conditions.
  • This is a well-designed piece of equipment that can be used in professional environments such as law enforcement.

What do you think of the IMALENT MS18? How would you like to get one and pretend it's a Star Wars lightsaber?