A new Apple event with no surprises in augmented reality

Un nouvel événement Apple sans surprise en réalité augmentée

In September 2020, Apple began the tradition of including an augmented reality Easter egg in the announcement of its major events. Today's announcement of its upcoming September 12 event, “Wonderlust,” is the first not to include an augmented reality surprise.

Apple first included an augmented reality Easter egg during the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad event in September 2020. We then saw the same with the iPhone 12 launch and event M1 Mac.

The Easter eggs were hidden behind the Apple logo on the company's event page when using the iPhone or iPad.

Apple continued what has become a tradition with the 2021 Spring Loaded event, the September 13 iPhone event, and the Unleashed event for the M1 and M1 Max MacBook Pros.

Apple continued to include augmented reality surprises for the iPhone 14 event until this year's WWDC23 announcement, where its Vision Pro visor was the star of the keynote.
The iPhone 15 without surprise

Apple officially announced its “Wonderlust” event for the iPhone 15 today, featuring a sandy Apple logo in blue and gray tones blowing in the wind. However, when you click on the Apple logo on the events page, there are no augmented reality surprises this time.