Amazon launches Alexa service for elderly people in Spain

Amazon lance un service Alexa pour les personnes âgées en Espagne

Amazon has announced that from today the Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living service for seniors and home care will be available in Spain.

This solution allows those responsible for these spaces to integrate Alexa into their services so that users, thanks to the support of Amazon's voice service, can stay connected, informed and entertained.

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living simplifies the use and management of Alexa-enabled devices. This helps deliver personalized, value-added experiences to its users through Alexa, while improving staff productivity and operational efficiency.

Fostering Connectivity in Senior Communities

Alexa Smart Properties allows nursing home residents to stay in touch with loved ones, stay connected to their community or access useful facility information through the Echo device located in their room.

Amazon's new service can also bring some peace of mind to their family and friends, as they can easily contact them to see how they are doing through calls via Alexa.

In Spain, Sanitas was the first care and wellness company to integrate Alexa Smart Properties in selected locations to provide a better experience for residents and staff, while creating more connected environments.

For now, two Sanitas care homes in the capital benefit from this service and, in the coming months, the Spanish company will continue to extend this solution to the rest of its centers in the country.

Nursing home staff can manage access to multiple Alexa features to personalize the resident experience by integrating the Sanitas Mayores center management tool, providing them with information about their environment, such as programs activities, appointment reminders and even games.

Another benefit of this experience is that caregivers can interact more effectively with seniors using the communication features that Alexa offers: announcements, voice and video calls, or direct audio messages to other devices with Alexa built-in located in the residence.

In these spaces, Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living can also help residents achieve greater independence in digital home management, such as controlling smart lights, blinds or thermostats, which users can operate with just their voice. The retirement home staff is thus more available to concentrate on care and social activities with residents.

Assistance and home care

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living features are also designed for in-home care and assistance.

Since 2020, the Alexa team in Spain has been collaborating with Cruz Roja with the aim of providing technological solutions accessible through Alexa. Recently, the Red Cross announced the extension of its program to the whole of Spain, which will allow 26,000 elderly people throughout Spain to have voice devices at home integrating specific applications to promote their autonomy and prevent situations of loneliness.

Thus, thanks to Alexa and the Red Cross, elderly people will be able to receive assistance and support from the association while the voice service will help them in their daily tasks: keeping up to date with their upcoming appointments medical or communicate with their loved ones; as well as enjoy the Alexa features they prefer, like listening to music or the radio.

An experience designed to protect user privacy.

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living solutions are designed with the privacy of seniors in mind. No personal information needs to be shared to use the Echo devices to enjoy the experience, and voice recordings are not saved.

Every Echo device is equipped with multiple layers of privacy protection and users will be able to mute the microphones on top of their Echo devices when they choose not to interact with Alexa.