AMD’s Radeon RX 7900

La Radeon RX 7900 XT d'AMD passe à 699 $, soit 200 $ de moins que le prix de vente conseillé : aussi bon marché que la RX 6800 XT

AMD's Radeon RX 7900 PowerColor is the first AIB to drop the price of its RX 7900 series GPUs below $700. The reference model and the PowerColor Hellhound Overclocked variant are now sold for $699 at all Microcenters. If you're a Microcenter cardholder, you can get an additional $35 off, bringing the price down to $664.99.

The reason for this decline is quite simple. As with the RTX 4070 and 4080, consumers have largely ignored the 7900 XT in favor of the 7900 XTX. So much so that AMD could even release an RX 7800 XT based on the Navi 31 to recover the remaining dies.

Looking at the specs, the Hellhound will be faster because it is factory overclocked. While the reference card tops out at 2400 MHz, the PowerColor variant goes up to 2500 MHz. Both GPUs have the same TBP and require a 750W power supply.

The PowerColor Hellhound being an aftermarket model, it is larger than its reference sibling. The latter measures 10.90 inches long and 4.45 inches high. The first is 2.4 inches longer at 13.31 inches and 5.79 inches in height. The Hellhound is also thicker, with a width of 62mm or 3 slots. The AMD model is 51 mm thick, or 2.55 slots.