ASUS Intel Performance Day – Next-gen performance and battery

ASUS Intel Performance Day - Performances et batterie de la prochaine génération

Whether you're a gamer or a businessman, wanting the best performance from your laptop is a shared need. In recent years, ASUS has pushed the performance and battery life of its laptops. The company has shown its desire for continuous improvement in this regard. In partnership with Intel, it presented it during the ASUS Intel Performance Day event.

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The event itself took place in Pilanesberg, where ASUS South Africa hosted a group of IT journalists to provide an update on the above. As it has made improvements to its range of projects over the past few years, it has seen growth year over year.

Here are some of these growth statistics:

  • 20% year-on-year growth from 2020 to 2021
  • 68% OLED laptop market share worldwide.
  • 94% OLED laptop market share in South Africa
  • 2 million units in the designer laptop category
  • Voted world number one in the OLED laptop segment.

As part of the study conducted through a global survey*, ASUS compiled a list of the main features that every user expects from their laptop. The first of these characteristics is the price. However, what was surprising about the next set of key requirements was that performance was a top priority. In each of the world's top laptop-selling countries, performance was considered the key aspect in at least 70% of responses.

Then, factors like battery life, display quality, and build quality, in that order, round out the top five requirements.

*Survey: The survey was conducted by KANTAR, which asked over 11,000 participants about their preferences when purchasing a laptop.

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Powered by Intel Evo

ASUS' performance and battery gains are largely due to its close partnership with Intel. Through this partnership, ASUS is an Intel Evo Certified Partner and many of its laptops have achieved this certification, providing the best performance to its consumers.

What is Intel Evo? Simply put, it's a certification, or badge, that is awarded to laptops that meet Intel's strict requirements. These specifications were designed specifically for laptops that prioritize productivity on the go. There is a specific criterion for meeting these standards.

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ASUS Laptop Performance Gains

ASUS Intel Performance Day highlighted areas where the brand has made huge strides in performance. All this is possible thanks to the 12th generation Intel Core H-series processors. Compared to 11th generation Intel Core processors, the price-performance ratio is significantly better. A good example of this is the comparison between the 11th generation Core i9 (11900H) and the 12th generation Core i7 (12700H). The latter surpasses the top-of-the-range model of the previous generation.

In addition to these processing comparisons, there is also very little difference in power consumption between the Intel P28 CPU and the more powerful Intel H45 CPU. While the chipsets themselves have done a lot to handle these gains, ASUS has spent a lot of time and resources on internal R&D when it comes to cooling. This is an important factor when it comes to performance and battery life.

Thermal design is an essential aspect of this. ASUS has continued to produce more efficient cooling systems. With an improved fan design and its vapor chamber inside, as well as control of airflow to the outside, it performed better than its competitors in this regard. Over the past three years, the brand has developed and improved its fans to achieve better results.

ASUS Intel Performance Day – Next-Gen Performance and Battery

In addition, it has improved its motors that operate the fans. Not only are they more powerful, but they also consume less energy. With its dual ventilation system, it runs much cooler. Additionally, improved heat pipes dissipate heat with 15% improved airflow.

Finally, thanks to its MyASUS and Armory Crate software, users can optimize performance and cooling. One of the standout features is the quiet operating mode, measuring 0db for the quietest performance for regular tasks.

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