Base Network is preparing for USDC integration, confirms Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire

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Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, announced that USDC will launch natively on the Base Network platform next week. Allaire used social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share this news and highlight the benefits and impact of this integration.

In Circle's announcement, they confirmed that USDC issued by Circle would be considered the official form of USDC for the Base Network ecosystem. They also highlighted that native USDC will gradually replace the currently circulating bridged USDbC liquidity that originates from Ethereum.

Integrating native USDC into the core network provides many benefits to users and developers. Key to these benefits is the expansion of liquidity, as native USDC gains prominence within the ecosystem. An important aspect of the integration is the possible replacement of bridged USDbC (USD Coin on Ethereum) liquidity. Base Network aims to create a “self-sufficient” ecosystem in which transactions and value transfers occur natively within the network.

According to the announcement, integrating native USDC improves efficiency, security, and scalability by reducing reliance on external bridges, resulting in an optimized and more user-friendly experience. In particular, the migration process from bridged USDbC to native USDC will be managed by Base Network in collaboration with ecosystem applications to ensure a smooth liquidity transition.

Besides the expected increase in the network's financial infrastructure, the integration of native USDC is also expected to create new opportunities for developers to use Stablecoin functionality in their decentralized applications (dApps). This integration is also expected to make it easier for institutional investors to integrate fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and further increase the appeal and usefulness of the Coinbase foundation.

It is important to note that the integration of native USDC does not have an immediate impact on Base Bridge, which will continue to operate “as normal” and ensure uninterrupted functionality for users, Monday's announcement states.

Overall, the upcoming integration of stablecoins into the core network marks an important development for the decentralized ecosystem. The introduction of USDC brings potential benefits such as improved liquidity, optimized value transfer and more opportunities for developers. While moving from bridged USDbC to native USDC may present challenges, Base Network strives to efficiently manage the migration process and address any concerns.

As the introduction of native Circle USD to Base Network approaches, industry players are eagerly awaiting the potential impact on liquidity dynamics and the broader cryptocurrency landscape. While the integration is promising, it remains to be seen how effective it will be in attracting users within the Base Network ecosystem.