Batman fights zombies in new live-action movie

Batman combat des zombies dans un nouveau film en prises de vues réelles

Batman fighting zombies? It almost seems too good to be true. The events of the DCeased comic book line, where the Justice League must fight or fall, have been brought to life in a live-action film. This is DCeased Maze.

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Australian comic book author, playwright and screenwriter Tom Taylor shared a video on Facebook today that begins in a fairly standard way, with a young couple seemingly in love making their way through a jovial amusement park for what appears to be Halloween season. Suddenly, chaos erupts as a body falls from the sky and the people in the park start tearing at each other's flesh and screaming like…the undead.

The couple is separated in the crowd, and we barely have time to understand that the young woman has been trampled before we see… Wonder Woman! She's here to save the day! Oh, wait… It's a zombie. We follow the young man as he encounters more and more zombies on his way, coming across Harley Quinn, hitting a zombified Joker with her huge mallet.

Batman arrives in his Batmobile to save the day, zigzagging through zombie-lined streets before jumping out of the car to engage in epic hand-to-hand combat, fighting off the zombie horde single-handedly. It doesn't take long before Batman succumbs to the zombie virus.

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We finally have a live-action video of DCeased! DCeased is a world-renowned six-issue comic book series that originally went on sale from May to October 2019, telling the chilling and deadly story of what happened on an alternate Earth where the undead have took over. Thanks to a corrupted version of Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation, almost everyone on Earth has been infected by this zombie-like virus. Lois Lane chronicles the weeks following the outbreak, as the world, and even the heroes meant to protect it, fall under the virus's grip.

New York Times bestselling author and DC comics writer Tom Taylor shared the video on Facebook with the caption “IT'S HAPPENING.” A live-action film for DCeased? “The DCeased Maze!” Wait what? We won't have a movie, but for the first time in DC history, we will have an interactive Halloween experience through the tumultuous events of DCeased history!

DC's DCeased Maze has just been announced on the Warner Bros. website. Movie World Fright Nights, detailing everything you need to know about the theme park that transforms the best-selling comic book series into a terrifying maze that DC fans can enjoy for the very first time.

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With all of our favorite superheroes brought back to life (or rather death), DC fans will be able to battle their way through the terrifying streets of the alternate Earth where Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation has wreaked havoc on the heroes who are supposed to defend the Earth, but are now the ones putting it in danger.

There is no hope. Just survival.”

YouTube video

Will you experience the DCeased Maze and watch Batman fight zombies?