Could ChatGPT take Google out of business?

Could ChatGPT Put Google Out Of Business

AI programs like ChatGPT will put search engine companies like Google out of business in the coming years. ChatGPT, in particular, has many cool features, like the ability to write poetry and code. Poets and programmers have also wondered whether or not the chatbot will put them out of business. However, the creator of Gmail thinks that the chatbot will also give Google a hard time.

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Gmail creator thinks ChatGPT will replace Google

The creator of Gmail himself, Paul Buchheit, has a strong opinion on the shortening of Google's lifespan, thanks to ChatGPT. He took to Twitter to share his opinion that ChatGPT will eventually replace Google, and he believes it will happen within the next two years.

“Google may be only a year or two away from total upheaval. AI will eliminate the search engine results page, which is where they make the most money. Even if they catch up on AI, they can’t fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business!” – Paul Buchheit (@paultoo) December 1, 2022

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Could ChatGPT be the next big thing?

Google is a massive company primarily built around its search engine, with many accessory applications built along the way. However, the majority of their revenue still comes from their search engine. Although it has been one of the favorite places to find information since its inception, ChatGPT has evolved in a way that it can be used to answer user questions.

ChatGPT answers questions in a very different way than Google, which provides an answer to questions by finding articles and information from around the world in the form of many pages. ChatGPT answers questions in a more conversational manner, as its very nature is that of a chatbot. This makes it much easier to ask follow-up questions and allow the average user to learn more about the question they asked.

However, this doesn't give the plethora of information available from a Google search and doesn't offer the ability to freely explore and choose where you want to get your information. For example, Google makes it easier for researchers and students to ensure their data comes from a credible source by choosing the “researcher” option.

ChatGPT must also be able to allow advertisers to display their products and searches made by Internet users, which allows Google to make a lot of money. This means that, from a business perspective, businesses would still be more inclined to choose the Google option.

ChatGPT has other cool features, like the ability to write poetry and code. However, the work he proposes is simple and shows that AI is still in the learning phase. However, it could improve significantly, considering how far it has come since its release only a few months ago. This makes it more of an accessory tool to a search engine, a tool to help poets or programmers, not something built to replace a profession or business. Will it ever grow to the point where it can replace them? Only time will tell.

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