Cynical: definition


Cynicism is a state of mind characterized by suspicion of the intentions of others, and a belief that morality does not exist. Cynics tend to believe that everyone is motivated by selfishness, and that people are untrustworthy. The word “Cynic” comes from ancient Greek and means “dog”, as the Cynics were known for living like dogs – sleeping outside, eating food from trash cans, and not caring about luxury or comfort.

The definition of the term cynical

Cynicism is a state of mind characterized by constant criticism of the intentions and values ​​of others. The Ancient Cynics were a philosophical sect founded by Antisthenes and Diogenes of Sinope in the 4th century BC. They advocated a simple and ascetic way of life, rejecting the social and moral values ​​of their time. Today, the term “cynical” is often used to describe a person who has a negative and defeatist outlook on the world around them. Cynics are often considered “Cassandra”, these prophets who announce calamities without ever being believed.

Yet cynicism can be a positive force if Cynics are able to maintain their critical distance from social values ​​and norms. Indeed, cynicism can make it possible to denounce inequalities and abuses of power, with the aim of changing things. The ancient Cynics were critical and subversive thinkers, and their legacy can be seen as still alive today.

Examples of cynicism in everyday life

Cynicism is an attitude that involves emphasizing the negative side of things and viewing others as selfish or self-serving. Cynics are often described as pessimistic and disillusioned people.

Cynicism can manifest itself in different ways in daily life. For example, when someone refuses to believe in the love or goodness of others, this can be interpreted as an act of cynicism. Likewise, when someone doubts the sincerity of another's intentions, this can also be considered cynicism.

Cynicism can have negative effects on individuals and those around them. Indeed, cynics tend to see the world in a negative way and isolate themselves from others. Additionally, their attitude can be contagious and contagious, which can lead to a spiral of despair and disillusionment.

Cynicism is an overall attitude of distrust and skepticism towards others and the world in general. Cynics are often described as bitter and disillusioned people. They see the world as it is and are not fooled by appearances.