Diablo 4 Review

Revue de Diablo 4

You ordered a pizza and the biggest soda. Diablo 4 is loaded and ready to use. There's no work tomorrow and your parents don't care if you stay up all night. You are 40 years old. The year is 2023. Everyone has seen some version of this meme, right? Well, it's a little different with Diablo 4, because it's a game that tickles nostalgia for all the right reasons, so here's a full review.

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What is the story of Diablo? Honestly, no one knows yet. It's a gang of characters from The Witcher who go around killing various demonic creatures and talking to a wise man named Deckard Cain in an action-RPG format. Diablo 4 turns out to be more memorable because the villainess played a major role in the marketing campaign and people have fun with her like she's Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania. Mega-demon Lilith has been resurrected and she's not here to celebrate Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with the rest of us. She is there to sow trouble and pain, and it is up to the player – by choosing from the five classes of barbarian, thief, wizard, necromancer and druid – to prevent her from transforming the Sanctuary into a morgue.

Stay classy

Each class offers a different play style. Druids are excellent shapeshifters, for example, while a barbarian is useful for waging one-on-one war against Hell's army using axes and swords. Depending on the type of gaming experience desired, players are advised to take the time to do quick encounters with each character to see if there is a potential match. (Remember, the longer you play and the more levels you reach, the stronger your character becomes, so time and effort play an important role in developing abilities). For the caveman rating this game, the Barbarian is the chosen one. Diablo 4 also offers the ability to customize characters from the start, so go for the bun and the tribal tattoos and have no regrets.

Despite these new options and additional characters, the design and gameplay remain familiar. It takes players back to 1996, as they roamed dungeons to kill butchers and find health potions. Today, in 2023, the world still has multiple layers and there is plenty to explore, as players search for loot, potions, and special gear that will give them the edge in combat. Blizzard recognizes that these items are non-negotiable and is keeping them intact, although there are more options than ever. Of course, the graphics are also improved, the cutscenes are shinier and a new brushstroke is given, because some of these monsters are more terrifying than companies canceling their remote work options.

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Make friends and slay demons

Diablo 4 is also not a solitary game, even if the player does not want to play online with others. Companions (human or not) accompany the character throughout the game, and other NPCs do something to protect their area instead of constantly asking the main character for favors. It’s wonderful to feel that you don’t have to face Satan’s companions alone and that other people are actively contributing to this “group project.”

But where the game stands out from the rest is in the way it creates a compelling yet simple narrative. The characters have stopped speaking in riddles and tend to be logical rather than sounding Shakespearean and hiding behind complex metaphors about how the devils are about to fry the village. This makes interactions more engaging and useful for the player, who knows what they are doing and what is needed for the next step. Side quests also prove useful, as they allow the character to level up in preparation for main quest challenges, which may require higher levels to complete – or simply not die.

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Diablo 4 hits the nail on the head

It seems that Blizzard has learned the right lessons from the past. Diablo 4 is a combination of everything that worked, while improving the ambitious parts that didn't work so well before. Yes, it's a difficult game and these demons will destroy you repeatedly, but it's a rewarding experience to experience the story and see the character transform into an invincible warrior. So grab a pizza and a soda and stay up all night to play this game. You only live once.


Diablo 4


  • Different classes offer a different experience
  • An exciting story
  • A rich world conducive to exploration


  • These demons trained with Jean-Claude Van Damme to destroy you

Breakdown of criticism

  • Gameplay

  • Chart

  • Replay value

  • Sound and music

  • History