Digital nomad: which laptop to choose?

The way of working is changing rapidly and more and more professionals are adopting the “digital nomad” lifestyle. These people rely heavily on their laptops to stay connected and productive while traveling around the world. Choosing the right PC is therefore crucial for their professional success. Find out which choice is most appropriate for such a lifestyle.

The Best Laptop Brands to Consider

There are different laptop brands from which you can choose. Here are a few.


MacBooks are renowned for their elegant design and exceptional build quality. Premium materials and attention to detail make these models one of the most attractive choices on the market. These computers run macOS, an operating system known for its stability, intuitive user interface and well-integrated ecosystem with other brand products.

MacBooks generally offer solid performance, thanks to powerful processors and optimized technologies. They are used by creative professionals for resource-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and development. Due to their efficiency, these computers can nevertheless be relatively expensive to purchase. This is why you can opt for a second-hand Apple device. THE Savings with a refurbished MacBook Air are indeed significant.


Dell offers a diverse range of laptops to suit different needs. The Dell XPS series is particularly appreciated for its balance between performance, design and build quality. Machines of this brand are used for both professional and personal tasks. They offer decent battery life, which is important for users who travel frequently.

Apple digital nomad laptop

The basics of choosing a laptop for digital nomads

The lifestyle of a digital nomad requires some considerations to take when choice of your work equipment. So here are some things to consider when selecting your laptop.

Portability and battery life

The lightness and compactness of the laptop are essential for easy travel. Opt for one model that does not weigh down your backpack and which can be transported easily, whether to a cafe, on a plane or in a coworking space. Extended battery life is also crucial for digital nomads who may not always have access to a power source. Choose a machine that can last a full day of work without needing to be recharged frequently.

Robustness and connectivity

The travel conditions of a digital nomad are varied and sometimes difficult. Opt for robust equipment, able to withstand frequent shocks and vibrations related to travel. Make sure the laptop has the power to run the apps and software you need for your job. Strong performance keeps you productive. Connectivity is another aspect to consider. The computer should have enough USB ports and headphone jacks. Fast Wi-Fi connectivity is also something to consider.

What characteristics should you take into account when choosing your computer?

The processor is the central element of the computer. Opt for one powerful processor if you're doing resource-intensive tasks, like video editing or 3D modeling. Sufficient RAM ensures smooth performance, especially when using multiple applications simultaneously. 8 GB of RAM is generally considered the minimum for standard use. If you play games or work in graphically intensive areas, a dedicated graphics card can significantly improve performance. Finally, choose between Windows, macOS or Linux based on your preferences and the software you use. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages.