Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini UPS Review

Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini UPS Review

While load shedding is part of our daily lives, more and more solutions are being offered to mitigate the effects of power outages. One of the most popular categories of external power options is the use of inverters. With different battery options, UPSs are an affordable option for keeping the essentials powered for short periods of time, including your WiFi router and laptop. One such device, the Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter, offers excellent value for money for consumers on a budget.

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The Elecstor label is part of the Elecstor brand, which offers various power solutions to consumers. These solutions range from the most powerful portable power stations to rechargeable light bulbs and a range of inverters. With different options available, the Elecstor Eco Mini UPS range offers the most value to consumers looking to power themselves during their allocated two hours of load shedding.

Construction and design

Elecstor's Mini range has a relatively basic design, like many other modern inverters. It has a simple rectangular shape with a matte black finish. Unlike many other inverters, the device is relatively wide and flat. Its construction is similar to that of recent VCRs.

Coming to the construction, the device has a sturdy metal body. Many other devices have a predominantly plastic construction, but the Elecstor range offers a good mix of materials. The top case is metallic, while the front, back, and sides are plastic. Its construction is therefore robust enough to withstand a few superficial falls. However, once the device is configured and positioned, it will no longer need to be moved.

The inverter has several ports. On the front there are three USB ports, two of which are standard type A and the third is type C. The front is also equipped with an LED screen. The front also has an LED screen on the right side, which displays the current power consumption and remaining battery. The battery level is displayed in four bars, just like on your smartphone. Further to the right is a large blue power button.

The back of the device has most of the DC port options. There are 11 DC ports, with different options depending on the device type. Each of these is listed in the Specifications section below. Given the number of supported ports that can be used simultaneously, the unit uses a fan to keep temperatures under control.

Overall, the design and construction are reasonably simple. It's not the most elegant, but it's small enough to store if you don't want it to be visible.

Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter Specifications

The device has a lot of specifications, especially because of its 11 DC port outputs on the back.

Starting with these 11 ports, these include:

  • 1x 5V
  • 1x 9V (with 12V switch)
  • 4x 12V 3A
  • 5x 12V 8A

The list is long enough to support most devices in a standard household, including your WiFi router, security cameras, and even your laptop.

With its three USB ports, it has two Type-A 5V 2A ports, as well as one Type-C 5V 3A port.

For its input, it uses 100-240V AC input. To make things simple, this can be a standard kettle-style wall socket. I've seen many other inverters that also require a DC input, making installation unnecessarily complicated, requiring an adapter and a two-prong plug.

Speaking of which, it takes about three hours for the unit to recharge from complete exhaustion. However, depending on the charge, it can power your list of devices for more than five hours straight. We will come back to this later.

The Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter uses a LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 24,000mAh. Additionally, it has an output power of 100W, which is perfect for most low-power devices. The list of generic devices includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, LED lights, routers, CTV cameras and even desk phones.

Its total weight is 1.6 kg. This is a reasonable overall weight, not very light in comparison, but also not too heavy.

Charging period: 3-4 hours

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Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini UPS Performance

With the current wave of load shedding, it was not very difficult to put the inverter to the test. That said, the inverter can easily power each location for the two to two and a half hours of scheduled load shedding.

I just ran the WiFi router to test for the first few days. However, consuming less than 10W, Elecstor's 100W mini inverter can power the router for over eight hours. I then added smartphone chargers, USB lights and more to the list of ports. Once again, the inverter was able to power each load shedding location with ease.

What's great about this unit is that it's not very complicated to power the device you need. Simply match the required voltage and amperage, and you're done. Although we never reached Phase 6 during the evaluation period, test results confirmed that it would be sufficient to handle more than four hours of load shedding, even with the list of devices I have. had connected.

Having only reached the 50% battery level on a few occasions, charging took less than two hours. This means that even in the event of significant load shedding, there will be enough time to recharge and get going again.

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Is Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter Worth Buying?

Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter Review

The short answer is yes. There is great value in purchasing a separate inverter, even if you already have a portable power station. An inverter works great for small appliances and can keep them powered for hours.

Depending on your charging requirements, there are a wide range of options, both in terms of wattage and battery capacity. This specific unit, the Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter, has a retail price of R1,799, making it very affordable. There are a few lower-end inverters, starting around $500, for those who only want to power devices like routers.

Once configured and positioned, it can be left to its own devices without further intervention for weeks or even months.


Elecstor 100W 24,000mAh 75WH Mini Inverter


  • Multiple power outputs including DC, USB and Ethernet
  • Simpler than many other UPS options
  • Sufficient battery for basic needs
  • Compact and lightweight construction


  • The design is not very attractive for display

Summary of the exam

  • Ease of learning

  • Ease of use

  • Design

  • Performance

  • Enjoyment

  • Value for money