Engage and activate talent with the Mintable Cloud platform

Engager et activer les talents avec la plateforme Mintable Cloud

The arrival of The Mintable is shaking up the HR space. A cloud-based platform, The Mintable helps HR and people professionals find, engage and activate their talent, all from one secure dashboard. This innovative technology, which manages an organization's entire workforce in one centralized location, provides HR managers with an efficient way to organize employee information and maximize their investment in talent.

By streamlining processes like onboarding, performance management, and talent engagement activities through an AI-driven system, The Mintable simplifies how employers manage their workforce while providing actionable insights for making strategic decisions. Their solution eliminates the need for complex manual processes or disparate databases by unifying data in real time. This practical tool provides a holistic view of each employee experience while supporting organizational growth and development through predictive analytics capabilities.

An AI-powered coaching system to revolutionize management

The Mintable, a management skills accelerator program, recently closed a $6.9 million Series A funding round led by ANU Connect Ventures and other investors. The new funds will be used to develop an AI-powered coaching system that provides real-time feedback and performance analytics for managers in Australia and the United States. For HR or personnel managers looking to activate their talent pipeline, The Mintable offers a wide range of tools to track employee performance metrics such as hours worked, number of tasks completed, rates of customer satisfaction, etc. as well as providing feedback on areas requiring improvement.

The Mintable in 2021 by software engineer co-founder and CEO Lauren Humphrey (Supplied) with the mission of creating better workplaces through improving manager capabilities. Since then, the company has worked with large organizations such as Microsoft and Boeing to co-create their training programs. With this latest financial boost, The Mintable aims to expand its reach to more sectors as well as invest in the research and development of its AI coaching system.

Four-week program tackles three big issues facing managers

The Mintable is a four-week virtual program aimed at addressing three major issues facing managers today. Founded by a group of experienced professionals, the team identified these issues after surveying 230 managers in the United States. The first issue The Mintable addresses is developing better communication skills. By helping managers work on their interpersonal communication and practice different approaches, it is designed to improve the way teams interact. Next, the program focuses on ways to reduce stress and burnout. Finally, it helps teach participants how to manage difficult conversations within a team.

By providing helpful resources and advice from industry experts, The Mintable equips its students with the tools needed to become effective leaders in the workplace and beyond. Its overall approach has been praised by those who have completed the program for providing new perspectives and valuable ideas that can be applied almost immediately.