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Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair Review - Jouer dans le confort

In South Africa, the professional and enthusiast gaming scene continues to grow, as do the peripherals and equipment that accompany them. As a result, we have seen new brands come to market for many products, adding range and competition for all players. For example, Ergotherapy appeared in South Africa a few years ago, with a range of office chairs designed by physiotherapists. The brand recently launched a new range of gaming chairs, the Ergotherapy Ergo-G.

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Although not a big topic of discussion for many gamers, the gaming chair is crucial to the setup. This is especially true if you spend long hours in front of your gaming console improving your skills and participating in online competitions. Comfort is essential. It's not every day that you get the opportunity to review a gaming chair. Logistical difficulties make it one of the least studied products by gamers. So I took the opportunity to discover the latest in gaming chairs.

Design and construction

Ergotherapy aims to provide orthopedic support to its range of gaming chairs. Physiologists designed this range to reduce back pain in gamers. It offers numerous adjustments to obtain a perfect position, specific to each user.

The Ergo-G offers the basic adjustments found in most gaming chairs, and then some. When setting up the chair for the first time, you will immediately notice its separate lumbar support structure. Most gaming chairs I've seen have a single-frame approach where the frame includes the back padding. On the Ergo-G, the process is different. The frame of the Ergo-G is made up of two parts: the backrest, which is made of nylon mesh, and the support frame, which is on the outside. This makes the padding around your back much softer while allowing greater flexibility, providing a pivoting lumbar approach.

Additionally, you can adjust almost every aspect of the chair's positioning, from the height of the headrest to the armrests. This may seem trivial, but the movements of each component are not typical up-and-down adjustments; some also pivot in different directions. For example, the armrests move up and down, in and out. Again, this allows you to adjust how you use your desktop or keyboard and mouse.

In addition to the armrests, the same goes for the seat, which can be moved back and forth and whose height can be adjusted. The latter is all the more important as it can relieve knee pain when adjusted to the right height. And if you want to rest while reading or watching videos, you can adjust the Ergo-G to a reclined position so you can lie down comfortably.

What I liked about the Ergo-G is that it's soft and cushioned where it's needed, while being supportive in other places. It feels like a professional chair with solid build quality.

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In addition to customizing the configuration of the chair, users also have the option of customizing its aesthetics. Customization is an important element for many players. Whether it's building custom rigs or adding LED lighting to their peripherals or the walls around them, it's an approach many gamers desire. Ergotherapy understands this need for customization and adds these options when purchasing your own Ergo-G gaming chair.

The first and most apparent of these customizations is the choice of colors. The range includes seven colors to choose from. This covers a mix of colors that should satisfy the majority of users. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer custom colors you can select, but that might be a bit overkill.

The brand allows you to personalize your chair by adding a text or a logo. When purchasing your chair, you can choose one for just R500 extra. The site allows you to enter your personalized text or select your logo. This will then appear on the headrest and the back of the chair.

This is a must-have tool for anyone looking to add a new gaming chair to their gaming setup.

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Comfort and support

Despite its new approach to gaming chairs and additional customizations, it doesn't matter that it doesn't do the job it's supposed to do. This is why the Ergotherapy Ergo-G is the first gaming chair to benefit from medical and ergonomic support.

Once you have installed the chair correctly, you will feel comfortable. It immediately draws you in with its comfort. Then you feel relaxed and ready to go. The lumbar support provided gives me confidence when sitting, and the armrest support allows me to use the mouse and keyboard without problem. It works perfectly.

Being in the perfect position when playing or working is essential, and this position can be adjusted accordingly so that you never feel any strain. I could easily spend all day working in this chair without feeling any strain. I can change my seating position when using my dual-monitor setup or return to the normal position when gaming to reduce strain on my neck.

If there is a negative point to all these customizations, it is the armrests. I like the idea that they can be moved, but they are moved too easily and don't stay in place. When I leave my seat, I often push it back and rotate it. However, when I return to my seat, I grab the armrest and pull it towards me. This is when the armrest moves. I also sometimes hit the opposite armrest while getting comfortable, which causes the same problem. It might be better to lock the armrest and unlock it with a button.

Overall, there's not much to complain about with the Ergo-G. It provides all the necessary support where you need it. It provides all the support you need, where you need it and how you need it. However, although I have an existing gaming chair, the support and comfort provided by the Ergo-G is not up to par.

Is the Ergotherapy Ergo-G gaming chair worth it?

Overall, gaming chairs are almost always worth buying over a basic chair. Indeed, we spend more time in front of a screen, whether in the office, playing games at home or on the sofa in front of the television or our smartphones. This means we sit throughout the day. It is therefore essential to avoid any tension on the bones and muscles. Additionally, as many people are gaming more and more, a quality gaming chair is also essential. The Ergotherapy Ergo-G gaming chair provides excellent comfort during this time.

The Ergo-G meets many of the basic requirements of a gaming chair, with a few additional features and customizations not often found. Designed by physiotherapists, it is both padded and sturdy, for the most comfortable experience, even after long periods of time.

An average gaming chair costs between R4,000 and R5,000. However, the Ergo-G is a little more expensive, at R9 900. There aren't many other gaming chairs that offer this level of support and ergonomics. It provides excellent feel and comfort for hours. It will go a long way in improving your gaming in the long run, especially for professionals who spend more than 10 hours a day in their gaming chair. So the Ergo-G is a worthwhile purchase.


Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair


  • Certified lumbar support
  • Great features for adjustable comfort
  • Optional aesthetic customizations
  • Solid build quality


  • No custom colors
  • Armrests move too easily

Exam Breakdown

  • Ease of learning

  • Ease of use

  • Design

  • Performance

  • Enjoyment

  • Value for money