First impressions of the final version of Apple Vision Pro here

Premières impressions sur la version finale d'Apple Vision Pro ici

A few media outlets have had the opportunity to try out the final version of Apple Vision Pro before its official release next month, and some of them have already shared their first impressions.

While this is not the first time that media outlets have had the opportunity to try out Apple's viewer, it is the first time that they have had the opportunity to test the final hardware that will be delivered to customers from from February 2.

In published articles, reviews focus on details such as the comfort of the device and new elements that were not present in the initial demonstrations.

Engadget highlights the importance of device fit. One tester speaks of initial discomfort, which was alleviated by changing the bracelet to the Dual Loop version. Another experienced similar sensations, but switching to the Dual Loop strap and Light Seal cushion improved the experience.

The floating keyboard and typing experience were rated differently. One tester found it “pretty good,” while the other found it frustrating, especially for extended use. They tested immersive experiences, such as watching space videos and a beta version of the Disney+ app, with mixed results.

The Verge highlights the similarities between setting up the Apple Vision Pro and other VR headsets. User experience includes comments about discomfort of the device on the head and difficulty with the virtual keyboard. Although the device offers a high-resolution world, one tester expressed doubts about its usefulness and compatibility with the company.

Both papers emphasize eye and hand tracking, but there are doubts about the device's viability for extended use and integration into everyday life. In summary, first impressions suggest a device with notable strengths, but also significant challenges in terms of comfort and practical utility.