Go on an adventure: the best hikes in the world

Whatever the season, you can go on an adventure and go hiking. Around the world, numerous circuits allow you to discover magnificent landscapes that will take your breath away. Here are some itineraries if you feel like tackling the best hiking trails in the world.

The W hike in Torres del Paine National Park

One of the most beautiful hikes on the planet, this route takes its name from three W-shaped rock formations. It runs through the Torres del Paine National Park. It is a nature reserve sheltering a rich and diverse fauna and flora. With a length of 80 km between the Andes mountain range and the Patagonian plains, it is considered the most spectacular circuit in Chile. Accessible in summer as in winter to any good walker, it nevertheless requires a certain amount of experience. In order to enjoy a pleasant experience, you must also equip yourself correctly. Carry hiking shoes adapted to the terrain, sun protection and a bottle of water. You will marvel at the waterfalls, lakes and even glaciers.

The PCT or Pacific Crest Trail on the American west coast

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the longest and most beautiful hikes in the world. 4,240 km long, it connects Mexico to Canada by crossing three states in the west of the USA. The best season to take this legendary route is between April and September. You then benefit from optimal weather conditions. A true adventure in every sense of the word, crossing the finish line of the PCT represents a sporting feat. You can admire exceptional panoramas and landscapes of the Sierra Nevada, Mount Whitney, etc. To succeed in this hike, you need good physical preparation. Start training several months in advance. Also take care of your diet. Increase your calorie intake by eating foods rich in carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Also eat lean proteins. Your body will need it for building muscle. In order to make up for possible nutrient deficiencies and improve your performance, you can also consume food supplements. on this store.

From north to south of the island of Corsica with the famous GR20

The GR20 is only about 200 km long, but you need two weeks to complete this entire route. Considered one of the toughest hikes in the world, it is also renowned for being one of the most beautiful. Comprising a large number of technical passages, it crosses Corsica from north to south with a positive altitude difference of more than 11,000 m. If you are planning to tackle this famous hiking route, June and September are the ideal periods. Between February and April, you can try this cross-country skiing adventure. Remember to equip yourself well to enjoy this adventure in complete safety. Choose skis adapted to your level and your style of practice. Also wear several layers of breathable, waterproof clothing. Finally, don't forget sunglasses, hat and gloves.