GTA VI: New game content and map details leaked

GTA VI : le nouveau contenu du jeu et les détails de la carte ont été divulgués

With just days to go before the official reveal, a new leak has emerged showing alleged gameplay content and map details for GTA 6.

The leak, posted to TikTok by a user named azzarossi, appears to be from an in-development version of GTA 6. It shows a metropolitan area of ​​Vice City, with the camera moving freely and developer notes visible on the screen. screen.

While the video doesn't reveal much in terms of gameplay, it does offer a new look at the highly anticipated game. GTA fans were quick to compare the leaked content to leaks from last year and found similarities in terms of buildings and landmarks.

The identity of the leaker adds to the intrigue. According to the source, GTA Base, the information came from the son of a Rockstar Games employee.

In addition to the content leaks, other details have also been circulating about GTA 6. According to these leaks, the game will have a map twice the size of Los Santos in GTA V. It would include three main cities and four cities secondary, with a large lake in the center of the map.

The leaker claims that 70% of GTA 6's buildings will be accessible, and the game is expected to launch in fall 2024. Pre-sales for the game are expected to be available after the first trailer is released this week.

GTA Base also clarified that while there is evidence linking the leaker to the Rockstar employee, it is also possible that the image used as evidence is fake or that a third person is impersonating for the author of the leak.

Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the leak, so it is important to treat this information as a rumor until official confirmation is obtained. Regardless, the leak has undoubtedly stoked excitement for GTA 6, adding a new layer of anticipation for the game's upcoming release.