How to Run an Ethernet Cable in Walls (Complete Guide)?

how to run ethernet cable through walls

Working from home is easy if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. We all prefer wireless connections for working because they are convenient and affordable. But sometimes your internet connection is blocked due to obstacles.

Additionally, your data risks being hacked. This seems too difficult. Most users also wonder: how to run ethernet cable through walls? In this article, we will answer all your questions.

After reading this, you have the confidence to build wired Ethernet connections. Let's start with new ardor.

Why wire your home for Ethernet?

Ethernet cables are wires that physically connect a computer to a modem or router. This connection provides better speed to your devices. These cables provide high speed, low latency and a stable network.

To do this, you need to run the cables through your house, preferably through walls. They plug into the Ethernet port of a large number of devices.

The most common use for an Ethernet cable is to connect a WiFi router or modem to an Internet entry point. We need to connect one end of the cable to the router and the other to the computer.

How to run an Ethernet cable through walls?

When this question comes to mind, all our plans seem impossible. Installing an Ethernet connection through walls seems arduous and laborious, but it is not.

Planning: For every task, there needs to be a better plan. As a wise man said: A better plan makes you more successful. First of all, plan a good strategy to establish a successful connection.

House wall type: Before planning a route, you need to know the wall type. It could be a brick wall or another type of wall. This will help you choose cutting tools.

The path you will take: It depends on the position and direction of your house.

Network speed: Network speed depends on the type of cable used. You should choose a good quality ethernet cable for a better experience.

The Tools: You will need a few tools to create a pathway through your wall. Here are some tools:

  • Drill
  • Punch tool
  • Sharp hand tool
  • Paddle tip
  • Drywall saw
  • Stud Finder
  • Label marker
  • Finishing tape
  • Ethernet crimping tool

Besides these tools, you also need the following:

  • Ethernet Switch
  • Ethernet wall socket
  • Ethernet sockets
  • Patch panel
  • Plastic eyelet

Pass the Ethernet cable through the wire

  • Create a distribution point: First, you need to create or construct a distribution point. Before installing a distribution point, turn off the main power switch. This will save you a lot of inconvenience.
  • Create Holes for Ethernet Cable: Creating a hole is the next step to running an Ethernet cable through the wall. You will need to drill into either the top ceiling plate or the bottom ceiling plate. You can use a ruler to mark the cutting holes for the Ethernet cable. After creating a passage, attach the wires through the walls.
  • Label your Ethernet cables: Labeling makes your job easier. We label Ethernet cables based on the room where the walls are located. This is the best way to identify different types of Ethernet cables.

How to run an Ethernet cable upstairs?

  • Installing Ethernet Cables: Installing Ethernet cables is a simple and laborious job. The length of the Ethernet cable is a few hundred feet. Select the Ethernet cable type. Cat5 and Cat6 cables are commonly compared, but Cat16 is better because it is ten times faster than Cat5.
  • Powerline Adapter: This is a complete reversal of how Ethernet works. They are slower and less stable than Ethernet cables. This is the easiest way to set up. In each room where you want to have access to the internet, you must plug a Powerline adapter into wall sockets. The adapter is installed into the existing power cable in the house. It then converts the internet signal. It passes the internet through the power cables and does not produce additional EMF. It reduces total EMF exposure. Besides Ethernet cables, you need a short Ethernet cable. It will establish a connection between your adapter and the device.
  • MoCA: This is the acronym for Multimedia Over Coax, which involves all the cables that run through the house. This makes installation much easier. This option also provides reliable signals and higher speed. If your home has cable lines (for cable TV or satellite), these lines can carry your internet. The throughput can reach 1Gbps. It's faster than a Powerline adapter and Ethernet cables.

How to run an Ethernet cable through brick walls?

To run an Ethernet cable through a brick wall, you need to drill into the wall using an impact drill and a masonry bit. When creating holes for the cable, the procedure is the same as described previously.

Best Ways to Run a Long Ethernet Cable:

Here are the best ways to run a long Ethernet cable:

  • First, plan your network cable installation
  • Choice of Ethernet cabling (Profinet, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7A)
  • Cross the cable at a 90 degree angle
  • Use different color combinations
  • Label the cables
  • Use an effective cable management system
  • Favor connection cables
  • Final Thoughts

    Everyone wants a strong connection with the internet to build a relationship with the global world. For this, the wireless connection cannot help us much.

    So we use ethernet cables. Installing ethernet cables can be frustrating but it's not that difficult. Please refer to the full article to learn how to run Ethernet cables through walls.