“I Don’t Think I’m Gonna Miss Anything”

"I Don't Think I'm Gonna Miss Anything" (Je ne pense pas que je vais manquer quelque chose)

Harrison Ford captured our hearts as reckless archaeologist Indiana Jones in the beloved film franchise. He flew into danger, fought Nazis, and unearthed priceless artifacts with a wit and charm that captivated audiences around the world. But despite spending four decades playing the adventurous hero, Ford has “no regrets” about his role as Doctor Jones.

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The 80-year-old actor is finally ready to hang up his whip and fedora with the release of the fifth (and hopefully final) film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom. Although Ford has “complicated” feelings about Indy's retirement, it's clear the legendary actor is ready to move on, with Ford confirming he won't miss playing the iconic character.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the veteran actor had the opportunity to reflect on his time playing the beloved character, acknowledging that while he is grateful for the Indiana Jones franchise , he is ready to put an end to his famous alter ego. “I don’t think I’ll miss anything,” the actor said. “I appreciate all the opportunities the character has given me.

“I was very grateful and had a lot of fun during the 42 years that this film was made.” Ford goes on to add: “The success of these films not only gave me a chance to please a wide audience, but they also gave me freedom through their success. They gave me freedom in the profession that I chose.”

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Although Ford is not interested in a new Indiana Jones movie, he has no qualms about the idea of ​​a future Indiana Jones reboot. At the film's Los Angeles premiere, the beloved actor said the filmmakers in no way needed his “blessing” to continue the film franchise, but he also made it clear he was willing to ” spend a little more time at home.

“I love making movies,” he said. “I've been making films for over 42 years and my work is very important to me. I really appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do it – my wife gave it to me. But I been working a lot lately, so maybe I should rest a bit.”

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Harrison Ford isn't sentimental about Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford first appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981 and will appear in the fifth and final installment, The Dial of Destiny, at the end of the month. In this film, Jones finds himself racing against time to find a powerful artifact that could change the course of history. Fans of the franchise will be excited to see him back in action, cracking his whip and dodging dangers at every turn. But this time around, there's a sense of finality to the proceedings – with Ford adamant that this will be his last outing as the iconic adventurer.

If the Star Wars actor doesn't regret playing the beloved Indy, fans will certainly regret seeing him in this iconic role. It's a bittersweet moment for those who grew up with Jones over the past four decades, but also a fitting end for one of cinema's most beloved characters. Be sure to see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in theaters June 30 to say goodbye to Harrison Ford as the beloved Indiana Jones.

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