Is Neve Campbell returning for Scream 7?

Neve Campbell revient-elle pour Scream 7 ?

As 2023 comes to a close, the secrecy and news surrounding Scream VII has been nothing short of occult. Franchise fanatics have many questions, the most electrifying of which remains unanswered: will Neve Campbell reprise her iconic role as Sidney Prescott in Scream 7? Although the actress has remained fairly tight-lipped about her return, rumors recently emerged that she is secretly in talks to return to the beloved horror franchise.

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At the Denver Fan Expo, Neve Campbell (who did not appear in Scream 6 due to a pay dispute with Paramount Pictures) shrouded her potential return to the Scream franchise in impenetrable mist, saying she there was no question of talking about it. Of course, this cryptic behavior only fuels fan theories and speculation. What is she hiding, and why can't she talk about her involvement in the future of the horror franchise?

All of this has led to a few scoopers claiming to have information about his return in the sequels. But this is not a lone wolf whisper either; it adds to a body of information that accurately announced Christopher Landon's participation in the production months before it was announced.

That said, while these rumors are both compelling and upsetting, circulating through the nebulous channels of social media and fan forums, the origin of the information, attributed to a “reliable source”, is sobering. Although this person has previously leaked specific details regarding Christopher Landon's involvement, albeit anonymously, there is no real guarantee that they are right this time.

Rumors should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Although strikes in the entertainment industry have been cited as a possible reason for the lack of official news on Neve Campbell's involvement in Scream 7, fans believe she was still tired from her contracts for The Lincoln Lawyer and Twisted Metal. Of course, the news that she won't be returning for season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer means her schedule has opened up. So there is hope.

As the face of the franchise, there's no doubt his absence in Scream 6 was felt. So it makes sense to bring her back.

That being said, it could well be that Neve Campbell is keeping an important secret. Hopefully she will return alongside the Core Four: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown.

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