Logitech Aurora Collection G715 Review – Like typing on a cloud

Logitech Aurora Collection G715 Critique - Comme taper sur un nuage

Over the years, technology products have been the subject of a large number of innovative, even over-the-top, ideas and solutions. Unfortunately, although I have had the privilege of reviewing many such technology products, not all of them have been useful in terms of the idea they convey. For example, Logitech recently launched its new Aurora collection. The range features a core White Mist aesthetic across different products including keyboards, mice and headphones. Having recently received the Logitech Aurora Collection G715 keyboard, I was intrigued by its shape and cloud-shaped palm rest.

In addition to its remarkable aesthetics, the device is equipped with many useful functions to improve the experience.

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Design and construction

As the introduction mentions, the Logitech Aurora Collection G715 features a cloud-shaped palm rest. While it may seem like a metaphor, the palm rest is designed like a cloud (or an illustration of a cloud) complete with soft material to cushion your hands while you type.

And it works. I'm not a fan of adding a palm rest to keyboards I've already owned, as they're usually left in the box they came in when ordered. However, with the G715's palm rest, I found it very useful. It's not too high to bother my wrists while typing and isn't attached to the keyboard. It is therefore easier to place it in the ideal position so that it is as comfortable as possible.

The palm rest is undoubtedly the most notable aspect of the design, but it's not the only notable element. From a design perspective, the cloud theme is highlighted by its rounded edges and soft colors. Additionally, pastel-colored LED lighting blends into a calming design approach.

Other nice-to-use features are the media and shortcut buttons, located on an extra row at the top of the keyboard. They also complement the calming design with soft buttons. A volume button has also been added, which can be customized for other functions.

If there's one worrying aspect to this sleek design, it's how long it will stay that way. With light colors there is always a risk of dirt and scratches, which become noticeable over time. It's difficult to determine its longevity from this perspective after just a few weeks of using the keyboard, but it's worth noting.

It's also a bit difficult to pair with most other devices on the market, which generally use darker colors. Therefore, you won't immediately have an all-white keyboard, display, mouse, and headset for a complete setup. Logitech's Aurora collection covers many other peripherals, but replacing your monitor won't be easy.

Keys and layout

Technically, the Aurora G715 is not a compact keyboard. I don't know if there are any restrictions on dimensions, but the unit is relatively compact compared to my current gaming keyboard. Its dimensions are 370.6 x 157 x 37.2 mm, which is small.

The frame is quite small, but the layout configuration is well spaced. It's not as wide as a typical gaming keyboard, but it's comparable to a laptop keyboard, which is suitable for many people. Therefore, there is no long adaptation period to get used to typing on the G715.

As we mentioned above, the device has several additional functions. While many modern keyboards use function keys as shortcuts and media keys, this device offers a few independent keys to meet this need.

The Logitech Aurora Collection G715 uses GX Brown tactile switches for its keys. Therefore, they are generally softer when it comes to noise and tactile feel.

Configuration and connectivity

As with most modern peripherals, installation is a breeze. There are two ways to connect the keyboard to your device. The first, which is also the fastest, is to use the supplied wireless USB dongle. Once you plug it into your laptop or PC, it takes a few seconds for Windows to recognize the device before you plug it in and start using it. It's not complicated at all.

The second connection method is Bluetooth. As with most other devices, you simply press and hold the Bluetooth button on the keyboard to start scanning, then select the device on your PC or laptop (or even your smartphone) to pair. Once you've done this, you're ready to start typing.

There is a third hidden connectivity that is not really commercialized. This is the conventional cable connection. Using the USB charging cable, users can connect it directly to their PC or laptop, and the device will be supported like a normal keyboard.

Additionally, it is possible to configure the optional Logitech G Hub software. With this software, you will be able to completely personalize your experience. This includes adding custom keys, adding macros to function keys, as well as managing RGB lighting and toggling Gaming mode functions.

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Features and performance

The overall experience with the Logitech Aurora Collection G715 is excellent. The keys are solid but soft to the touch. Additionally, the PBT covers have a great feel, as if they have been coated. This complements the good key spacing and added cloud-shaped palm rest for cushioned typing.

The large modifier keys (spacebar) are solid. On the other hand, the middle modifier keys (Caps, Tab, Enter) are not stabilized, resulting in some play on each key when typing. This adds a certain level of “rattle” when typing, but if it's not something you're actively looking at or testing, you might not even notice it as you go along.

The Aurora G715 has a built-in battery, like many modern devices. This is a lithium-polymer battery, which offers excellent autonomy during use. For example, in the case of continuous gaming, it has an estimated battery life of more than 25 hours. I imagine that few players spend more than 20 hours straight in a session.

I did not manage to drain the battery during the evaluation period under typical use. After the first charge, I didn't have to recharge it, even after three weeks of use.


The Logitech Aurora Collection G715 keyboard is unique. It was designed with serenity in mind, as evidenced by its LED lighting and color palette. Additionally, it comes with plenty of buttons and features to create a personalized experience for each user. It has decent battery life, and you shouldn't have any trouble keeping it powered on thanks to its built-in battery.

The only major downside to the Logitech Aurora Collection G715 is its price. The price of the keyboard is over 4,000 euros, which means it is a niche market. The fact that some accessories are also sold separately, on top of the already high price, doesn't help matters. Therefore, it is not an easy purchase, despite its attractive aesthetics and features.


Logitech Aurora Collection G715 Keyboard


  • Unique and soothing design
  • Soft, cloudy palm rest
  • Built-in, rechargeable, long-lasting battery
  • Smooth, quiet controls


  • Extremely expensive
  • Some bulky keys
  • Some accessories are sold separately

Exam Breakdown

  • Ease of learning

  • Ease of use

  • Design

  • Performance

  • Enjoyment

  • Value for money