Los Chicos del Barrio: What would number 5 look like as an adult in real life, according to artificial intelligence?

Los Chicos del Barrio : À quoi ressemblerait le numéro 5 à l'âge adulte dans la vraie vie, selon l'intelligence artificielle ?

The smartest of the bunch takes another leap forward thanks to artificial intelligence

Can you imagine what number five would look like from the outside? Los Chicos del Barrio if she was a young adult woman? That's what we asked Bing's artificial intelligence, which created several impressive images showing the character from the Cartoon Network series in stunning detail.

Number Five, also known as Abigail Lincoln, is one of the main characters of the animated series Los Chicos del Barrio, which aired from 2002 to 2008.

In the series, she is a 10-year-old girl who is part of a secret organization of children who fight against evil adults. Number Five is smart, brave, sarcastic and greedy. She is also very good at combat and espionage.

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The images created by Bing show what Number 5 would look like in the most realistic way possible. We see his characteristic red cap, his black braided hair, his green eyes and his blue and white clothes.

However, there is also a change in his facial expression, which reflects more maturity and confidence. The images are so realistic that they look like photographs and demonstrate the incredible power of artificial intelligence to recreate fictional characters.

If you are a fan of The Chicos of the BarrioDon't miss these images that will make you see Número Cinco in a whole new way. And if you don't know the series, we invite you to discover it and enjoy its fun adventures.

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