LUNC loses 13% of its value – another withdrawal in sight?

La prime du coinbase bitcoin augmente, la reprise est menée par les investisseurs américains ?

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is currently battling a major pullback as the price of the coin has fallen sharply. In just 24 hours, there was a 13% loss in value. The rapid sell-off began on August 16 and caused the price to fall from 0.00007734 US dollars to a new low of 0.00006512 US dollars.

While this dramatic reversal may seem surprising at first, it reflects the prolonged pessimism that has reigned around the coin in recent months.

LUNC price was able to hold the critical support of $0.000076 for more than three weeks, demonstrating its resilience. This period of relative stability reflected the general uncertainty in the market. Experts warn, however, that selling pressure could increase significantly if this monthly support threshold is broken. Such a breakout also portends a prolonged downward movement of the Terra Luna Classic coin.

A closer look at the Terra Luna Classic community on Twitter reveals internal conflicts, particularly regarding governance protocols. In recent days, heated debates have taken place over the implementation of LUNC's DAO validator, which would have played a leading role in blockchain governance. This proposal, however, failed and led to a major sell-off. Many, including prominent LUNC validator Krypto edel, claim the sell-off was orchestrated by the LUNC DAO itself in order to sow panic and ultimately allow smaller buybacks – an attempt to take control of the network.

Recent events have an impact on the price dynamics of LUNC. The price is currently around 0.00006770 US dollars, a drop of 2.4% in the last 24 hours and a considerable drop of 12.5% ​​in the last seven days.

As the LUNC community grapples with internal struggles, governance challenges, and possible market manipulation, the path forward remains uncertain. Investors and stakeholders are closely monitoring developments within the LUNC ecosystem and are hopeful that Terra Luna Classic can weather these stormy waters and restore the confidence of its committed supporters.

(The content of this article does not constitute investment advice. Investments involve risks. When you invest, you expose your capital to risks).

Illustration: Matthias Hangst / Getty