Marvel’s Midnight Suns Game Review – It’s Not Uno

Marvel's Midnight Suns Critique du jeu - Ce n'est pas Uno

Most people associate superhero video games with action. However, Marvel's Midnight Suns wants to prove – once and for all – that comic book properties are perfect for the RPG genre. In this video game, it's more about organizing the characters and planning their movements like you would with figurines than launching into head-to-head battle like in Marvel's Avengers.

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The premise is complete comic book nonsense.

Let's be real: Comic book movies have failed to fully embrace the insanity of the comic book medium. The stories are tough and not afraid to be completely wacky. Marvel's Midnight Suns draws on the fantasy element of the genre, as the witch Lilith attempts to take over the Darkhold and give it to a powerful, evil entity. A group of Marvel's most powerful heroes, Lilith's sister Caretaker, and the game's main character try to stop him: Hunter.

Players can customize Hunter to look and be whatever they want. Tons of options are available and it is possible to change the character's appearance later by unlocking other features and items. The good news is that although Hunter is the main character, the player can also play as other Marvel characters. Depending on the mission and the player's progress, different characters are available. Additionally, as the player progresses, he will be able to improve the abilities and cards of Hunter and other characters.

Tactical and turn-based gameplay

The team of three goes on a mission and must defeat their enemies based on the turns and cards played. The player will choose which cards to play, trying to take down their opponents before reinforcements are called. However, it's not just about luck or hoping that a powerful card is in the draw pile; it’s about strategic thinking.

The environments in Marvel's Midnight Suns play a role in the game. Players can do jumps, throw objects at opponents, or knock enemies into electrified structures for extra damage. Additionally, like any good tabletop game, there are cards that add bonuses to certain attacks or scenarios.

This type of game may not appeal to everyone, especially players who want fast-paced action and be more responsive in the moment.

However, there is something addictive about Marvel's Midnight Suns, as it draws the player in with inventive and in-depth gameplay. It forces the player to think differently and take a closer look at their team's strengths and weaknesses. For those who want to lose themselves in a video game for weeks, this title is for them.

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A fascinating story but poor quality images

Marvel's Midnight Suns does its best to give each character a moment to shine. Of course, there will be some superheroes who get more time in the plot than others, but the balance is perfect to give everyone's favorites at least one scene. Even though Hunter isn't exactly charisma personified, the character plays a crucial role here and the story surrounding him remains captivating throughout the film.

Unfortunately, the character models and designs are closer to last-gen than 2022. They're not the ugliest designs in the game, but there is a certain blandness to their appearance, especially in the cut scenes. Of course, this is an RPG game and the focus will be on gameplay, but that's the game's biggest disappointment.


Marvel's Midnight Suns


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  • An exciting storyline

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