Meta’s 4-year VR & AR plan has been leaked online.

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After the launch of the Quest 2 (then known as Oculus Quest 2) in 2020, Meta managed to sell 20 million headsets by February 2023. To give you a clear idea of ​​this development, Sony sold 32 million headsets. ‘units of the PlayStation 5 and, as of December 2022, has seen the Xbox Series X/S sell around 20 million units. And that's an impressive feat for such an inexpensive device, which is probably why it was so appealing at the time of its release. And now, a recent leak has confirmed that Meta has more plans for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices in the coming years. So what exactly does the company have in store?

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Thanks to The Verge, this information was received through a presentation that the famous company sent to the Reality Labs division. The information revealed and confirmed the development of the Meta Quest 3 with some pretty impressive features. Additionally, a roadmap details the release of a limited number of “smart glasses” by 2025, and a full pair of AR glasses in 2027. Here's what Meta has planned for tech enthusiasts and VR/AR fans.

Under the code name “Orion”, Meta has big plans in mind for its AR glasses. After eight long years of development, employees are expected to test the device next year and Orion glasses will go into limited release in 2027. For people who cannot access AR glasses , the company also designed a plan to include second-generation smartwatches and new versions of AR glasses instead. Meta's plan for the final product is to see users walking around freely with the glasses.

In addition, the company did not forget to include its typical advertisements in the design of the device. With the intelligent addition of conversation tracking, devices can deliver real-time ads to consumers. Alex Himel, vice president of AR, spoke about including ads on a device like AR Glasses, explaining that it wasn't hard to imagine how ads would fit comfortably into the device. screen. By 2027, the goal is for viewers to see ads appear in real time based on what they're watching or where they are.

However, before embarking on a full-fledged AR glasses design planned for 2027, the company plans to launch a set of camera glasses this year, similar to the Ray-ban collaboration launched in 2021. In 2025, a similar design will be offered, but with a real screen inside the glasses. This particular design will allow viewers to effortlessly flick through controls on a neutral interface strip, possibly including an option for a virtual keyboard. Additionally, users will be able to translate text in real time, scan QR codes, and view incoming text messages. Meta is also planning an accompanying smartwatch that will allow users to control the AR glasses.

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Despite the huge sales of the Meta Quest 2 headset, Meta VP of VR Mark Rabkin said the VR device has seen less engagement recently than when it was initially released. This influenced their decision to increase the price from $300 to $400 instead. The Meta Quest 3 is therefore expected to be more expensive than its predecessor and to have even better features, including the use of AR technology in its VR headset! Additionally, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the device will offer mixed reality features. Imagine how cool this is going to be.

The new device will be twice as powerful as the Meta Quest 2 and will have a slimmer, sleeker design. Additionally, it will introduce improved technology that should enable the use of AR with an external color camera. Designed to accommodate 41 mixed reality applications and games, the headset will also allow users to create a heads-up display while anchoring objects on this virtual desktop. The end goal is to see users walk through their home without removing the headset. Unfortunately, Meta has discontinued production of two other VR headsets, one of which reportedly included hand tracking instead of controllers.

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  • According to a leak from The Verge, Meta has a four-year roadmap for its AR and VR technology.
  • Meta plans to create augmented reality glasses that will allow users to access incoming text messages and serve advertisements in real space.
  • Meta will release a VR headset twice as powerful as the Meta Quest 2 and open to mixed reality applications and games.

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