Portable docking stations: true efficiency

station d’accueil pour portable

A perfect compromise between the mobility of a laptop and the comfort of a desktop computer, the docking station is an essential tool these days. This computer equipment serves as a support for placing and connecting a portable terminal, thanks to a dedicated port. Practical, the docking station is a tool that makes your life easier.

Use a mobile PC station for greater efficiency

Mobility is certainly one of the main advantages of a laptop PC. However, sometimes the latter does not always offer the comfort of a desktop computer. In order to benefit from the advantages of the desktop computer without sacrificing the portability of the mobile PC, you can choose a docking station, which offers several advantages.

The mobile PC station has several connectors that allow you to connect different devices: keyboard, screen, Ethernet, printer, etc. With this equipment which combines the portability of the PC and the comfort of the desktop computer, you gain in efficiency. The docking station saves you from having to plug in each connector that ensures the connection between your PC and your peripherals. An effective and practical solution to maintain the home-office transition without difficulty.

This accessory also helps reduce the number of cables you use. Knowing that the PC manufacturer's warranty does not take into account the wear of these connectors, you preserve them. Thanks to a connected docking station, you gain in efficiency and comfort, thanks to a larger screen, the availability of an SD card reader and other conveniences.

There are universal docking stations, for use with any brand of PC. You can also bet on equipment designed for a particular brand. For example, you could opt for an HP laptop docking station in order to benefit from a computer equipment successful and efficient.

portable PC station

Gain productivity during your business trips

By optimizing the accessibility of your laptop, the dock also makes it easier to access your documents, wherever you are. So, when you have to travel for work, you just need to keep your docking station, since its ergonomic design allows you to take it anywhere. It allows you toaccess all your documents and therefore ensure the continuity of your activity, even though you are on the move. In doing so, you gain productivity.

From your position, thanks to the connected dock, you will be able to carry out your tasks, stay in communication with your teams and work remotely. During business trips, the laptop PC quickly shows its limits in terms of performance, compared to a desktop computer. With this connectivity accessory, you get the convenience of desktop, even though you're not there.

In addition, it is possible to equip your employees with this technology. By doing so, you optimize their productivity, regardless of their position. Between your office and your destination as part of a business trip, the dock gives you the benefit of increased portability. Since the new models only have a few USB ports, the docking station proves to be a saving solution; even more so when you are traveling for business.