Press review: Pass the Bomb – The best word game

Review: Pass the Bomb - The Best Word Game

Pass the Bomb is an entertaining but challenging word game designed by Piatnik for those who need to better master the language in which the game is printed. Recommended for players ages 12 and up, this is a great and addictive game.

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What's in the box

In this well-packaged box you'll find 110 double-sided cards (giving you 220 working options), a unique gaming die with custom icons, and a bomb – don't worry, you won't lose any fingers, it is a plastic toy containing a sound box that makes a ticking sound before exploding. Unfortunately, batteries are not included, and you will need 2 AAA batteries to operate your bomb.

The box features a plastic insert perfect for housing all the components, including two card slots, one for the custom die, and a deep bomb slot.

How to play it?

After you have taken everything out of the box and installed your bomb with your batteries, you are ready to begin. Shuffle the cards and make sure they are all facing the same direction (corresponding colors are facing the same direction).

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Depending on the length of your game, deal several cards. The recommended number of cards is 13, but since Pass the Bomb is designed for 2 to 12 players, you can decide how long the game lasts. Each card contains a combination of letters that must be used in a word by each player for this round.

Once the cards are arranged, and before doing anything else, the first player takes the bomb and rolls the die. The information manual explains how you can use the scraps of your word depending on the result of the die. For example, if the die says “Tick…”, you cannot use the letters from the beginning of the word. Conversely, if the die indicates a bomb, letters cannot be used at the end of the word. Finally, if the die says “Tick…Tack” with a bomb, the letters can be used anywhere in the world.

Now that you know when you can use your letters, it's time to turn the card over to reveal your letters, throw the bomb and start finding your words. Once you have said a word that meets the required conditions, you pass the bomb to your neighbor on the left. The goal is to invent a word that hasn't been spoken yet and pass the bomb before it explodes in your hand. If it is still in your hand when the sound sounds, you lose that turn and take the card as a penalty.

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Once all the cards in the pile you drew have disappeared, each player counts their cards to determine who has the fewest, and they win. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by sudden death.

Final Thoughts

Pass the Bomb is incredibly fun to play. I wouldn't recommend it to younger players; even 12+ might be a bit young, and it wouldn't be much fun for those without a good command of the language. Luckily, it's possible to purchase it in many different languages, and even a junior version makes it a little easier. However, I wouldn't recommend it to young people if you are playing the basic version.

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