Robert Kennedy Jr: China does not want war with the United States – They want to “bury” us economically

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RFK Jr on China and BRICS as competitors of the United States

US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) spoke on various topics during an interview with CNBC on Wednesday. RFK Jr. is the son of former Attorney General and United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former United States President John F. Kennedy.

Among the topics RFK Jr. discussed were China's global influence and the expansion of the BRICS alliance, which currently includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This group recently held its annual summit and invited six countries to become members. Often seen as a counterweight to the West, the BRICS economic bloc actively promotes the use of local currencies in international trade instead of the US dollar.

“No one wanted to create BRICS. Nobody wanted an alternative to the US dollar. This happened because of our weaponizing effect of the US dollar and the weaponizing effect of our foreign policy, effect of “unilateral weaponization and weaponizing effect of our control over the world currency,” Kennedy said. “We attacked people’s personal assets when the government was behaving badly.”

Kennedy also spoke on relations between the United States and China:

China does not want war with the United States. We spend three times as much as they do on our military spending. We have 800 military bases abroad, they have one and a half.

However, the presidential candidate was clear: “They want to compete with us. They want to bury us, but they want to do it on an economic level. And they need us. They cannot survive without us.” .

Regarding economic competition between the United States and China, Kennedy said: “I am not afraid of direct competition of the United States with China and other countries around the world. I I think it's good for us. I think we'll win this competition.”

He added

I'm not someone who thinks we should divide the world…I don't think we should cut off trade with China.

Only recently did Kennedy warn of the serious consequences of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. He also said last month that President Joe Biden was “preparing for a ground war with Russia” by signing an executive order to mobilize select reserve troops and strengthen Operation Atlantic Resolve.

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