Selenskyj must negotiate with Russia Shorter: Selenskyj must negotiate with Russia

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Peace negotiations in Ukraine war: Selenskyj warns of signs of weakness

Calls for peace talks in the war in Ukraine are increasing from the United States. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj warns of “signs of weakness”.

Calls for peace talks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj has rejected the prospect of peace talks with Vladimir Putin – he is even angered by his allies' demands to take a step towards Russia in the war in Ukraine. The Russian head of state would then smell “blood” and consider the discussions as a sign of weakness.

Warning of signs of weakness

According to the President of Ukraine, peace talks would not be the right signal: “What does this mean?” That we have to sit down and say: ‘Excuse me, please stop,'” Selenskyj said. “This is not our position and Putin feels this weakness, like an animal – because he is an animal and likes the feeling of blood.

A firm stance

Furthermore, Selenskyj stressed that Putin would “completely eat the freedom of the EU, NATO, democracy.” This is why there are no peace signals or temporary truces. “Forget it,” Selenskyj said. “I only see the footsteps of a terrorist country.” The Ukrainian added that it was “not the time” to discuss or compromise, because “we are not being shown any fundamental steps forward for peace with Russia.”

Republicans call for peace talks

Some Ukrainians are considering peace talks to ease the severity of the war in Ukraine. At the same time, it is above all the main donor – the United States – which is faltering. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives rejected Joe Binden's request to grant $61 billion to Ukraine. According to the Republicans, Ukraine must find a different solution. In addition, “it is in the best interest of the United States to accept that Ukraine must cede certain territories to the Russians,” said Republican Senator JD Vance.

Selenskyj's firmness

The Ukrainian president stands firm and does not plan peace talks in the war in Ukraine, but other strategies: It is about “occupying our territories and settling on the borders of our country.” “Our goals have not changed,” Selenskyj said. And to continue: kyiv's financial support is not only in the interests of Ukraine, but also in that of the West, because “Ukrainians are fighting for the world.”