Smartphones must incorporate more AI technologies

Les smartphones doivent intégrer davantage de technologies d'IA

With all the talk surrounding artificial intelligence this year, there is no doubt that it is here to stay. From music to art to writing, AI is making waves and people are starting to wonder how it could cement its place in our collective future. If there is one device with which AI will manifest itself the most, it is the smartphone. Since the 2010s, smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. A digital library of information and communications is already impressive, but with the presence of AI, we could transcend many barriers that we never dreamed of crossing before.

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Improved voice recognition and communication

AI on smartphones is not really new. We've seen it pop up in small pockets of experiences across different platforms. On iPhones, we have Siri, a digital assistant that has steadily evolved over the past decade into a cool little tool for reminders and planning. Likewise, many assistants have emerged, such as Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby.

In this new era of AI, smartphone assistants are expected to evolve beyond their limited barriers. With smarter search functions through the use of advanced context, we can start to see complicated instructions executed using AI.

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the things that can shake things up in our phones, allowing us to speak naturally to these AI programs and let them intelligently find what we need. It's even better for international users outside of English-speaking countries. AI with enhanced NLP can train itself on unique accents and languages ​​to develop an exceptional experience without borders. This is even more true for languages ​​around the world. Are you planning to travel around the world? AI will make this easier through advanced communication systems.

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Personalized user experiences

If you've ever felt like your smartphone's assistant features weren't suited to your lifestyle, AI could be a game-changer. With increased personalization based on your data, you can get amazing suggestions that will help you in your daily life.

Imagine, for example, a smartphone with AI that can naturally detect your reactions and intended actions after seeing certain content on social media. In response, she may suggest you stop following certain pages or checking social media at that time of day. The little things that bother you subconsciously might be easier to manage with the presence of AI and its understanding of your triggers.

This type of functionality can be made possible through machine learning algorithms that can accurately detect user habits. This stuff can dramatically improve your lifestyle. You can live a healthier lifestyle with your smartphone's AI understanding of research-based psychology and trained models of behavior.

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While AI has received a fair amount of criticism in recent years, it also holds exciting potential that can take us to a new level of understanding, self-care, and connection.

Do you think we need more AI in smartphones?