Sonic Superstars takes the hedgehog back to its high-speed platforming roots

Sonic Superstars ramène le hérisson à ses racines en matière de plates-formes à grande vitesse

Sonic Superstars is the latest addition to the Sonic franchise, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Sonic fans have long been waiting for a new game that preserves the spirit of the platformer while offering something new. While other iconic franchises like Super Mario have managed to move away from their roots, Sonic Superstars is an opportunity for SEGA's darling to leave its mark on this decade. Is Sonic Superstars the game you've been waiting for?

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One of the particularities of this title compared to the latest opuses is that it unreservedly embraces the roots of the series. It's not at all cluttered with the complex narratives and RPG elements that have become commonplace in other Sonic games.

The principle of Sonic Superstars is simple. Dr. Eggman is preparing evil plans and has set his sights on a new region whose resources he intends to exploit to commit malicious acts. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy team up to thwart Eggman's plans and collect Chaos Emeralds.

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Design of levels and zones

Unlike other recent titles like Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Forces, Superstars is conceptually solid, focusing on quick levels that stay true to the mythos. No-nonsense platforming action is precisely what you get here. This makes it a standout feature that will immediately appeal to most Sonic fans. Each area offers a unique and captivating environment. This is not a simple point A to B experience as many know it. You may have to hit the brakes to discover some secrets and hidden areas in these levels.

The lush island area is exciting, as players enjoy a dynamic environment and an eye-pleasing backdrop. The aesthetic of the level is enhanced, but what really completes it is the presence of some iconic Sonic loops and twists.

The carnival-themed level is also beautiful. It switches things up with bouncy elements that demand attention, but not in a punishing way. It's hard to forget the sense of fantasy that this area gives off. It pays homage to Sonic's history in a way that doesn't feel old or boring.

There is also a factory-type area that offers industrial decor combined with mechanical-inspired elements that energize the level. The complex platforming challenges are tricky but fun to complete. You will spend a lot of time trying to improve your scores in these levels.

Overall, Sonic Superstars' level design is a good balance of familiarity and novelty. You'll find that the game manages to balance its creative tricks in a satisfying way. However, in some cases, ambitious levels stray too far from what is normal. One that proved troublesome was Press Factory's timed underwater level in Act 2, where you have to be precise in your movements as the timer ticks away mind-bogglingly toward your doom.

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Character Abilities and Gameplay

Each of the four main characters in Sonic Superstars is unique enough to warrant their own journey after the first playthrough. Sonic's drop dash is a major asset that allows you to perform quick aerial attacks. The transitions between platforming challenges are also very smooth and easy to achieve when moving with this character.

Tails is impressive with his timed flight ability, which offers a chance to explore through a different perspective. This adds a level of verticality to the gameplay that keeps things from getting bogged down.

Knuckles is a character apart thanks to his gliding and wall-climbing abilities. This allows you to explore hidden paths and raised platforms even deeper.

Amy's double jump and hammer can help you navigate difficult passages. His hammer has a large radius of action which allows your enemies to not realize what hit them.

The characters included in Sonic Superstars can have a significant impact on the dynamics of the game. Players will be impressed by the diversity of options for approaching scenarios and opponents. In fact, the way character abilities complement the level design promotes replayability far more than the average Sonic game. This game allows all players to appreciate the versatility of their characters' abilities, making each of them a compelling choice in different situations.

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Emerald Powers

Cutscenes from Sonic Superstars

Emerald powers in this game are quite essential as a gameplay element. They admirably enhance the core mechanics of the game. By collecting Chaos Emeralds, players gain a series of situational abilities that can come in handy in the event of a push. The Chaos Emeralds' powers range from very specific skills, like Aqua, to extremely useful abilities, like Vision, which reveals hidden platforms and any secrets nearby.

The most versatile powers gained from Chaos Emeralds are Ivy, Bullet, and Avatar. Each of them is useful for getting through and coping with difficult encounters. When you combine your character's abilities with the powers of the emeralds, many options are available for exploration and progression. If you want to explore hidden secrets with your favorite characters, powers can make up for any gaps in your abilities.

Sonic Superstars Boss Battles

The boss fights are a little hard to like. Bosses are well designed and encounters tend to be memorable. The problem is that it takes too long before you can launch your own attacks. The windows are extremely small and are followed by another series of attacks that you must successfully dodge once again.

Co-op and multiplayer

This is another area where Sonic Superstars falls short. Online multiplayer is the kind of game that only works if you're online with your close friends. It's not too bad, but there's nothing that allows you to play with strangers. This is the kind of game where you have fun yourself. The mini-games are incredibly simplistic, making them uninteresting and unreplayable for the most part.

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Verdict on Sonic Superstars

PS5 platform

In conclusion, Sonic Superstars is a title that manages to capture the essence of Sonic's high-speed platforming roots. The level design is stunning and there's a fair amount of innovation to enjoy here. While it falls short in boss fights and a few other areas, it advances the franchise well beyond what we've seen recently.

Sonic Superstars is available on Nintendo Switch, PC and new-gen/last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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