Street Fighter 6 Reveals the Surprising Reason for Blanka’s Green Skin

Street Fighter 6 révèle la raison surprenante de la peau verte de Blanka

Street Fighter fans have long wondered about the enigmatic origins of Blanka, the electrifying jungle warrior known for his glowing green skin. Street Fighter 6 has the answers.

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The Street Fighter roster is one of the most iconic in all fighting games. Since the beginning, it seems like every character has had the opportunity to shine in the spotlight, and the latest installment finally allows players to create their own legends. There's a lot to see and do in SF6, and many players are there for the combat aspect, but there's also a large majority there thanks to the expressive character creator. The Street Fighter franchise is rich in a great diversity of characters in terms of design. They even managed not to get stuck in a generic line. Luckily, it's made up of larger-than-life characters like E. Honda, Dhalsim, and Blanka.

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For Blanka, her green skin is one of the most notable features. You can discover the reason for this extreme transformation if you choose to be his student in the World Tour mode. You will first meet Blanka when you are asked to go to Brazil. Blanka is an eccentric character, and his first meeting highlights the interest in becoming his student.

You will first meet Blanka-chan, a jungle sprite and an extreme fan of Blanka who manages to evade all of your kidnapping attempts. Eventually, Blanka arrives and makes you wear Blanka-chan's costume. You'll have to stick with this development if you want to get more dialogue from him. Besides, his missions are very fun and interesting. As the world's best rainforest guide, Blanka has a lot to teach you. His abilities are also great if you want to replicate his fighting style.

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During your many interactions, you will have the opportunity to answer the burning question that Street Fighter fans are asking. “Why is Blanka green? The reason why Blanka's skin is green is explained by the fact that Blanka had to borrow the power of the jungle to protect himself from insects. “I crushed grass and flowers and painted my body with them. And now I have the color of the jungle! Uwo!”

Truly devoted to the rainforest, it's impressive how Blanka was willing to go to such lengths to blend in. This explanation in some way reestablishes what we had obtained previously. In Street Fighter 2, it is revealed that Blanka obtained his green skin after being struck by lightning. Lightning also explains its electrical powers.

Interestingly, the origin of Lightning isn't the first version of Blanka's green skin story in Street Fighter. The first in-universe explanation was that Blanka's skin turned green when he ate plants while trying to blend in with the jungle environment. His skin then changed color due to overexposure to chlorophyll.

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Street Fighter 6 is one of the most fun fighting games we've seen in recent times, and Blanka gets a lot of attention in this game. For Blanka fans, becoming Blanka-chan is a brilliant reward of from Capcom.